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I headed out today and got about two blocks without struggling. I was so out of breath. I pushed on and took some escalators. I stopped in the public library to check out their shop which wasn't open yet so I ended up standing and not moving for maybe 3 minutes and that was really all it took. I was fine after that. I did take the bus half the way home but that was more to get out of the wind than anything else.

Plus I tried out some shoes in my closet. They do not have holes but they are no good for walking. I have one more pair to try.

I'm a little worried about the breathing thing. I don't want to have to get a scooter again at CES. Nor do I want to go through all those breathing tests again. On Wednesday when I worked out so hard in the pool, I did get a little short of breath but more like the old days - I mean like regular people and I recovered very quickly and enough to start again.

I have an appointment with my doctor - regular checkup - a week from Monday and I want to tell him all is fine.

The movie - Perfect Pitch - did not hurt a thing and parts of it were pretty enjoyable. There was a pack of teenagers in the theater... no school???? I thought they were going to be a problem but they settled down once the movie started.

The wind downtown was gusting big time - traffic lights horizontal gusts. It's not even very breezy here now.

Now I'm kind of watching the Yankee game.
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