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I wasn't raining hard this morning but it was definitely raining and it smelled so good and clean. I got to the pool early, as usual, and cracked up at the people running to get in our of the rain... I guess they didn't want to get wet before they got wet.

Class was good plus the population was down - again people won't come out in the rain but will come to the pool to get wet when it isn't raining???

After class I decided to go to a place for brunch that I had not been in quite some time. It was kind of crowded but I got a table quickly only to discover that the family of the screaming child at the next table were still studying their menu. NFW. I told the waitress that I was not able to tolerate the child so was leaving. She made no effort to even suggest another table. So I guess that place is scratched off my list.

I fired up my Google places app an it suggested a place that looked good over in Ballard - about 2 miles away so off I went. When I got there I realized that I actually had been there before and liked it ok but no parking and I didn't like it well enough to go on a parking hunt. But, I wasn't that far from Bastille so I headed over there an found parking right away. Only Bastille, it turns out, only does brunch on Sunday. Ok... it's down the street from Volerra which is another favorite spot. I walked in there and BINGO! They were open and I was their first customer of the day.

I had a delicious brunch in a most lovely setting. I ended up being glad all the other options failed.

Now I am home. The kitchen is cleaned the dishwasher is washing. Betty is stuck to me like glue. I think I'll watch some TiVo backlog and knit a bear.
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