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Ok, doggie readers. Let's say that in a few years I want to get a dog and before I do I want to have enough money socked away to pay for his or her first year. I want PLENTY in that puppy stash.

How much do I need? I have ZERO puppy supplies so I will be starting from scratch. The puppy will be rescue so cost little to nothing but how much for bed and bowls and food and toys and training and vet (assume this puppy needs everything including permanent birth control) and a playpen and a leash and a collar and a chip and whatever else I don't even know about yet.

For a year.

What's my puppy's first year savings goal?

Edit later to get folks back on track:

For the purpose of getting an idea on the savings goal, assume I do not ever leave town for the first year so no puppy costs incurred in my travel.

I really am ONLY interested in finances at this point. I totally get that there are many many many considerations in owning a puppy. It may happen that I save the money and change my mind but for now, all I am considering is getting the finances together. I have several years to work my own mind through the other considerations like what happens if I decide to go somewhere on a trip.
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