Road trip!

Oct. 14th, 2012 05:50 pm
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[ profile] machupicchu and I hit the road today. We drove to Olympia, had brunch at his folks' restaurant, and then took the long way home via the Bremerton ferry. It rained hard for lot of the trip and we saw beautiful fall trees.


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It reminded me of how much I love living in the middle of a city!!

By the time the ferry docked, the Seahawks game was ending. By the time I got back home from dropping Matthew off, it was over and there was no way to get home. I finally found a way to get there (many streets and intersections were closed down) but the traffic made getting all the way home impossible. I got close to the front of the building and a parking space appeared and I grabbed it. I'll go down and move the car into the garage in a bit.

Mainly it was just a lovely lovely outing and a fun day.
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