Oct. 15th, 2012 12:45 pm
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This morning I got up and went to the Evans pool for class. I need to leave here about 9:15 and I get home about 11:15.

Had I gone to my pool (no class, just me) I'd have left here at ll:45 and been home by noonish.

While the class at Evans was fabulous last Wednesday, it was a total dud today. Crowded with chatters (people who just tread water and chat with others and won't move out of your way and make it so you can't hear the instructor either - I don't mind chatters but move the fuck to the side of the pool and talk quietly!!!). Today some old guy (probably younger than I am) was trying to pick up this old woman (again, probably younger than I am)...

I was not amused. And the instructor was hard to hear and not inspiring or interesting. I may go back on Wednesday in hopes of catching Dave - the instructor from last Wednesday. But, I'm not going on Mondays again.


I'm waiting for two packages. I ordered a remote control that should have been here Saturday and didn't make it. The USPS website is not updating the progress and I'm worried that it might have gotten Lost in the Mail.

My Paperwhite Kindle is scheduled to get here Wednesday. The charge is pending on my credit card as of this morning so I should get the tracking mail today but so far nada. i really want to get my hands on that thing.


I finally got the check from my old 401K. It was even made out correctly (to my IRA) so it should roll right in without taxable issue. Whew. That's one account I can close out and not worry about any more. We've been talking about buying some Google again. I had some before and sold it (for a fine fine profit) but I think it's time again and my financial adviser is ok with the idea so this may be the time.


I got no plans for the rest of the day. I could and might do some laundry. The dishwasher needs emptying but really, that's it. I have the day free. I might listen to some more of my audio book. It's a good one and I want to know what happens but I also want it to last as long as possible... it's the age old good read problem.

My TiVo is all backed up because the baseball post season is so much fun. But only the national league is playing today and I care way less about them. Plus they don't play until tonight.


The construction across the street is having a particularly noisy day - thankfully, it's cool enough to shut the door for a bit.
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