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I did not renew my Amazon Prime membership mainly because when I ordered a package, they mostly used a delivery service called OnTrac and OnTrac was OffTrac way more often than they were on. Ordering got to be a Russian Roulette game of will I get my package or will I stress out with stupid OnTrac?

After years of bitching, I got so I only filed a complaint every other time that OnTrac fucked up. And finally, I just gave up and did not renew my Prime membership.

And then I read on a blog that they used OnTrac sometimes for non-prime deliveries. ARUGH. I decided to see if I could find out so I sent them an email. I got a response back that was very nice but did not give me the info I wanted. At the bottom was a link to click on if my question wasn't answered satisfactorily. I clicked through, and got to a button that says Call Me.

I figured what the fuck. I might as well give them one more chance before I cut them off entirely. I like Amazon and I don't want to get a divorce.

Turns out that if I can provide them two documented instances of OnTrac fuckup, then they will fix my account so that when I order OnTrac is the very last delivery option available! Good enough for me!!

Only 2??? It took me less than a minute to find two - two late deliveries - one in September and one in March of this year. The Amazon lady checked 'em out and deemed them perfect for what she needed. She says it will take a couple of weeks but she'll keep me posted via email.

I am, once again, blown away by Amazon's customer service. Tomorrow's package is coming via FedEx 2-day which has the added advantage of usually delivering here early in the a.m.

Now the downside is that I will have to pony up the bucks to be a Prime Member again... if no OnTrac, I'm delighted to do that.
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