Oct. 18th, 2012 09:24 am
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Today Amira, who cleans my house is scheduled to come. I'm going to semi fire her. If she comes. I'm going to totally fire her if she doesn't. She used to be very spotty about showing up. I told her one more time and she was out. She's been excellent since then. Last time she was sick but that's the first time she's missed in a long time. I've never been able to pin her down to an exact arrival time. Once she got here at 8:30. Mostly it's closer to 10.

But she's good an she's fun and she's fast. She's been coming every two weeks. I need to cut that back to once a month. Truthfully, I probably should cut it back to nothing and use the money for something else and get off my ass and do the job myself. But, I don't want to do that to her or to me.

So when she comes today I'll tell her about the once a month and hope she's ok with that.


[ profile] dietcokewithice gave me some great info and tips about getting ready for the unemployment meeting next week. So that's the job this morning. Sprucing up my spreadsheet.


My Kindle Paperwhite arrive yesterday and it is very nice. I gave away my elcheapo Kindle and discovered that I really missed it. The Kindle app on phone, tablet, etc is a great stop gap, fill in, in emergency solution but the Kindle itself is the ticket. And this one is nice. Great size, great user interface and great light. Plus between a $50 credit and my Discover cash back that I can use on Amazon, it was a steal. (However, paying for another year of Amazon Prime is going to pretty much wipe out the savings... oh well, I love the Amazon lending library you get with Prime!)


There's swimming today and maybe the last American League payoff game this afternoon and a movie tonight.
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