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The title is not a metaphor. I made some cheese muffins to breakfasts and they are baking as I type.

I went to my swim class today and the lady I met at the other pool who was so helpful turned up in my class! It was her first time to this class so I was able to return the favor. Nice.

Today was the first time ever that I ran into a breathing problem in the pool. I think my breathing is just generally getting worse. I have a rescue inhaler which I should use, I guess, before a class. I guess I will from here on out. I'm not sure how much good it does but I'm pretty darned sure it does no good if I don't use it.

I decided to skip going out to brunch today in favor of having it here at home. I'm going to yet another movie this afternoon and I wanted some home time to make muffins and stuff. My ballot came and I also want to vote which will take some research time. And I'm reading two good books and they need time. TiVo is crammed and there are bears to knit.

I'd better get crackin'
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