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I spent some quality time in my fish bed today reading <http://>World Mart. It's a future novel and when one of the main characters picks up a virus she is turned into the equivalent of an untouchable. She ends up with the others in her predicament in a special wing of the hospital where they are marooned after recovery. The manager in charge is reading them their rights and the rules and he cheerfully offers up a sign up sheet for free euthanasia.

I totally love this idea. I am not at all ready now but when I am, what a great option!


I skipped swimming but I am not skipping the movie. [ profile] machupicchu offered to share his free pass to a preview showing of a movie I really want to see - The Sessions. Based on the preview we saw last week - getting in line early is a good plan so I'm hoping to get there about 5:30-5:45ish.

I was planning to grab a slice of pizza before hand and may still do that but also I just discovered there is a BECU office around the corner. Years and years ago I had an account/membership at BECU (formerly Boeing Employees Credit Union) and now I want another one but because I am a Person in their system, I have to apply in person rather than on their website or by phone. So maybe I will leave early and go do that.

The theater is in a part of town with no good parking but I'm not sure walking, especially uphills and after dark (after the movie) to catch buses is a good plan today so I'll drive and pay out the nose.

Totally worth it.


I cast my vote today. Based on the number of tv commercials alone, I figured there was going to be way more decisions to make but, the ballot for this county had no surprises and the decisions were pretty clear. There were a lot of people running unopposed for some judgeships and other not top of mind positions. Really easy decisions there.

I used my last stamp. Note to self: get more before you need them.
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