Oct. 25th, 2012 12:24 pm
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I slept long and well last night. Better than usual, actually and two hours longer. This morning I got up and got to the doctor's. He says it's bronchitis. And my breathing tested "not great but not bad either" - which is a relief, actually.

He gave me antibiotics and two new inhalers. One replaces the inhaler I already have and hate so I'm glad to get the replacement - it's supposed to be much easier to use and faster acting. The other one is Spiriva. The latter is currently running a series of commercials on TV that feature an elephant sitting on the patient's chest. I don't have an elephant and I hope this doesn't give me one.

I go back in a month or if I'm not feeling better, a week. I went to the drug store to pick up the new drugs and then home where I went to bed and slept til noon. I finally woke up hungry and my throat is feeling far less horrible.

$$$$$$$ just flying out the door... $780 for the doctor (that's today's visit plus the cataract doctor and surgical facility... $47 at the drug store... $160 at the mail in pharmacy (That latter is for 3 months worth).

Getting old is expensive.
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