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My throat is all healed. Now I have one of those gross disgusting cough up a lung coughs. Nice. I did sleep from 9 last night til 8 this morning. So I'm rested. And I don't have to go anywhere today and inflict this cough on anyone. Also I'm hoping that being vertical for a while may cycle through the coughing.

I'd love to be better enough to go swim tomorrow but I'm not hopeful. The last time I was in the pool was last Monday. Fish gotta swim!

The kitchen needs a bit of cleaning and this bedroom really does. I have dirty clothes all over the floor topped with a layer of dirty tissues. What a mess.

My new inhaler - the Spiriva is a weird little thing. Yesterday I completely fucked it up but I got it right today. You put this capsule into this gizmo and then push a button to puncture it and then you take one long suck, hold it breathe and repeat. If you hear/feel a rattle, you've done it correctly. I rattled away today. Yeah!

My rescue inhaler (Combivent) has also changed it's hardware. It's being sent from the mail order place but I was able to see how it works on their website.

So soon I will have none of the old fashioned L-shaped inhalers which I never really mastered anyway.

I have now been semi-vertical (sitting in bed on the laptop) for an hour and the coughing is not as bad as it was. I just made a phone call and was able to talk clearly without coughing for most of it. Maybe there is hope.

I think it's time to get out of bed and clean up this pig sty.
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