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For years - like 40 - I have been addicted to Puffs tissues with lotion. In the early days, I used to have friends send them when I couldn't get them where I lived. When you had a cold, they were the only bright spot. They were strong and they coated your sad, raw nose with soothing lotion.

Recently they have been hard to find in the cube boxes I like. I've taken to ordering them by the case from Amazon. A couple of times lately, I thought 'hmmm these things don't seem as nice as they used to be'. I figured it was my imagination until last night.

When I was digging around looking for the Vicks, I found an stack of tissues I had squirreled away for some reason and I pulled them out to use. About 3 tissues in, I immediately knew that Puffs have completely changed.

The old ones are wonderful. The new ones are overpriced and not at all wonderful. No lotion to speak of, they are thin and rough. I am glad to know it's not just my imagination. At least I can quit paying top dollar and go with the cheap stuff which is also easier to find.

Plus I have some old regular (non-cube) boxes in the back of the closet, I am absolutely getting those out. Oh and I popped over the Puffs website and shared my displeasure which helped my state of mind.


I slept again last night like a log. I woke up one time but otherwise slept soundly from 9 pm til 8 am. I did slap on one of those breathe rite strips which probably helped but as miserable as I feel, at least getting good sleep is wonderful.

Today will be another day of staying home and quiet. I miss swimming but I would sure not want my snotty self in any pool. I have food, I have TV, I bought the movie 'Butter' from Amazon streaming. And I'm 3,000 miles from Sandy.

I think lung fears so far are unfounded. I can still easily take deep breaths without coughing. whew.
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