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There's this thing - yep, it's a thing - about Seattle people being cold and rude. I've heard it since the day I got here. I've lived all over the country and Seattle has always seemed more friendly and less rude than most places. (Ok, Minnesota is way more warm and friendly but in an almost creepy way.)

My thought has always been that the perpetrators of this thing are generally cold and rude people themselves and my experiences have born that theory out. I just experienced a flaming example.

A couple of months ago, I was in our lobby looking at my mail when this guy I've never seen - very muscularly large guy - knocks on the door and tells me to let him in. Not asks, mind you - his words were "I don't have my key, open the door for me." I told him that I would go find the manager for him. He screamed and hollered and created a major ruckus before I could even stand up and turn to go find Scott. It was, actually, a little frightening.

I could not find Scott and went back up to my unit via the stars to avoid the lobby and this guy.

I actually even sent Scott a note to let him know in case this guy was a Real Case of something.

Just now, I went down to get my mail and when the elevator door opened for me to go back up this large guy, unshaven in a hoodie (but not young) just stood there without moving so I could not get in. I waited and he didn't move and then I said 'I'm going up'. Finally he moved a little and then proceeded to berate me:

"That day you would not let me in is the meanest thing that ever happened to me. You would not even listen to me. I had my drivers license."

I said "I'm sorry, but I did not recognize you..."

"Well, it was very mean and you are hateful - Seattle is such a mean and cold and unfriendly place..." he finished as he moved on out and the doors closed.

I beg to differ Mr. Asshole, but if you are right, we have people like you to thank.
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