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Her latest trick is to scratch on the door to the cabinet that holds the cat food. Seriously she scratches like a dog does on the door when he wants to go out. She is a little piglet.

But she's earning her keep. Travis used to sleep stretched out between my side and my arm with his head on my shoulder and that's how we'd go to sleep. Betty would be in a ball at the foot of the bed.

Now she sleeps cuddled up between my side and my arm with her head on my shoulder. It's so sweet. She's so tiny and silky. She always does this on my left side. Travis' always used the right side. Cats are so funny.

I did no go out and walk and check out the dinner.

I looked in the mirror when I got out of the shower and it looked for all the world like I had declared a moratorium on hair cuts. So I went to Rudy's. Where the price has now gone up $4 on a haircut. Blah. And my cutter this time wasn't that good but, what.ever.

Then I went to three different places for breakfast and all had lines. I ended up at Fred Meyer where I got my short list of things I wanted an on the way home remembered a new place I saw not long ago that was between where I was and home.

It was late, too late really - I no longer felt like breakfast but I was hungry. I figured if I found a parking spot, I'd stop. I did and I did an I'm glad I did!

Lucky's Dinner is delish. I had pulled pork on a biscuit with coleslaw and french fries and it was outstanding. All of it. I am so going back for breakfast.

Plus my parking spot required me to walk several blocks up a small hill and I managed it with almost no panting. I do still sound like a walking petrie dish of germs but I feel much better. Swimming tomorrow for sure.
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