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After I wrote up this morning's entry, I went to swimming class. When I got into the car, I popped the new thumb drive in and fired it up and the second song to come on was the Livejournal Stanty from 2006.

I cracked up when it got to this verse:

And let's bitch 'cause they changed the UI without telling
My icon's a goat now and it won't check my spelling
I don't ask for much, but I'd like to be told
When the parent company's parent company's
parent company's parent company's
parent company's parent company's
company's been sold


Swimming did not go so well, I was coughing too much to even finish the class.  I only missed the last 5 mins, tho.  But I think I'll take it easy on the pool time.  I want this cough to go away.  I stopped by the pharmacist to pick up a prescription and then came home and coughed the whole time but now that I've been home and not moving too much for the past hour, the cough seems to be taking a nap.  

I think taking it easy for a while longer is the best bet.  I got nothing that has to be done and plenty that can be done without exertion for  the foreseeable future. I plan to lay low until no coughing.
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