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Yesterday my cough went away pretty much completely and was replaced by a throat which feels like it is coated in heated glass shards. It hurts a lot. And now I'm getting the runny nose and cough.

I have not had a cold in probably 10 years or more. And I've not had one since my lungs got so compromised.

I stopped by McDonalds on the way home from the job thing and picked up two chocolate milkshakes. One is in the freezer and I just finished the other. Nothing feels as good to me on a sore throat than a chocolate milkshake.


I got my account set up at BECU and finally got online access to it today. So that's all squared away.


I just called the doctor's office and she was able to move my Monday 8:30 appointment to tomorrow at 8:30. That makes me feel oh so much better. Dr. Lee will fix me right up and ensure it doesn't get really bad in the process. Yeah.


So that leaves me with today. I have a coupon for a free Amazon video and I think I'll cash it in on the NY Times documentary.
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I spent some quality time in my fish bed today reading <http://>World Mart. It's a future novel and when one of the main characters picks up a virus she is turned into the equivalent of an untouchable. She ends up with the others in her predicament in a special wing of the hospital where they are marooned after recovery. The manager in charge is reading them their rights and the rules and he cheerfully offers up a sign up sheet for free euthanasia.

I totally love this idea. I am not at all ready now but when I am, what a great option!


I skipped swimming but I am not skipping the movie. [ profile] machupicchu offered to share his free pass to a preview showing of a movie I really want to see - The Sessions. Based on the preview we saw last week - getting in line early is a good plan so I'm hoping to get there about 5:30-5:45ish.

I was planning to grab a slice of pizza before hand and may still do that but also I just discovered there is a BECU office around the corner. Years and years ago I had an account/membership at BECU (formerly Boeing Employees Credit Union) and now I want another one but because I am a Person in their system, I have to apply in person rather than on their website or by phone. So maybe I will leave early and go do that.

The theater is in a part of town with no good parking but I'm not sure walking, especially uphills and after dark (after the movie) to catch buses is a good plan today so I'll drive and pay out the nose.

Totally worth it.


I cast my vote today. Based on the number of tv commercials alone, I figured there was going to be way more decisions to make but, the ballot for this county had no surprises and the decisions were pretty clear. There were a lot of people running unopposed for some judgeships and other not top of mind positions. Really easy decisions there.

I used my last stamp. Note to self: get more before you need them.
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A year ago - almost exactly - I found out via a lovely little pneumonia that 40 years of smoking is indeed, hazardous to your health.  My lungs tested out at about half what they should have for my size and age.  It took me about 3 months to quit coughing and feel good again.

As if to celebrate the anniversary, the cough has now returned.  It's not horrible itself but the threat it poses is pretty nasty.  I don't have lungs enough to fight off much of anything infection wise.  I'm not wild about being sick but I am terrified of ending up chained to an oxygen tank and dependent on all the medical services that go along with that.

So now with every cough I stress - is it worse? than it was last hour/yesterday?  Should I go get some exercise or stay in an drink tea?  Am I turning into a hypochondriac?  If I just ignore it all, will it morph into those nights like last year when I lay awake all night gasping for air and/or into a straight shot to that oxygen tank?

Already, I hate the focus and worry that I'm doing now over it all.

Fortunately I don't have the added - to the doctor or not - stress.  I already have an appointment next Monday morning - a general checkup and I'm assuming I'll live until Monday.  
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I actually love any weather that is not hot.  I love it more if the sun isn't shining brightly (I hate the glare).  So rain is right in my wheelhouse.  I just read down my page and more entries than not mention rain.... must be a soggy day world wide!

In Seattle, we rarely get what we called on the East coast, gully washers.  We have, usually, slow rain that goes and on and then often stays misty for a lone while after it stops actually raining.  Today's rain is a little rainier than usual and its nice.  

And it's a little chilly which I really love.  My thermostat here by my chair says it's 66 in here right now.  It might be a nice evening to light a log in the fireplace.  I have electric baseboard heat here but I have only turned it on a couple of times in the 20 years I've lived here.  I get 'free' heat from the units above, below and on either side of me.

Today I dug out my lap blankets and sprinkled them around so it would be handy to grab one if/when I need it.

Winter, she is here and yahoo!!!
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Once the staying in decision was made, the rest went swimmingly. Computer fixed with a minimum of futzing. Kitchen cleaned up. Then I decided I wanted breakfast so I made some and cleaned up again after. I sewed some patches onto my hoodie-of-all-t-shits yesterday but I did not like the position of one of them so I ripped it off and sewed it on in a different place. Much better.

It is so amazingly wonderful to have eyes that can easily read Chuck Lorre's vanity cards at the end of his sitcoms and - with those same eyes - no glasses at all - easily thread a needle. The bill for my part of the cataract surgery came yesterday ($754 - there will be another $150 from the anesthesiologist next month). I am happy to pay it.

Oh and I rearranged the fish bed with a blanket and foam back thing so that I can easily plop up there with my book on a whim and enjoy a few minutes or a few hours being watched over fish. In the Summer it's too warm in that spot but from now til June, it's perfection.


Before I started this morning, I picked out a symphonic classical music station on Pandora and piped it out of the Squeezebox radio so it has a beautiful, rich sound. I've enjoyed it enormously.

But, I keep having flashbacks of my music appreciation teacher who was an old prune who clearly enjoyed music and was totally incapable of getting us to do so. She used to play classical music for us and then sit there with her eyes closed and enjoy it herself while we wrote notes to each other.

Brooke who sat next to me sent me a note saying she looked like she was having an orgasm. I was probably 15 at the time and an excruciatingly naive with exactly zero sexual experience. I had never heard the word orgasm before so for many years I equated orgasm with withered up old ladies and boring music. For the life of me, I could not figure out why everyone worked so hard to experience it.

Betty has a new favorite spot for when I am in my orange chair (which I do a lot of computing and TV watching)

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I'm sill in bed now with the laptop trying to decide what I want to do. I'm not sure I'm interested in going out to brunch. If I am, I'm not sure where. I would like to get to Trader Joe's in the next few days but I can go tomorrow - I need a couple of things at Fred Meyers which is very close. So I can do all that after swimming tomorrow.

My main computer - the desktop - in the living room - needs attention. It's not recognizing the usb mouse or the usb keyboard so I need to figure out what's going on there. I'd like to avoid completely redoing that computer.

The kitchen is kind of a mess. I have plenty of food here for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

There's a soccer game this evening in the stadium across the street. So, going out, in the car, this afternoon is not wise.

I think today is a stay in day. But not a stay in bed day... I'm getting up now. First the computer project.
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The title is not a metaphor. I made some cheese muffins to breakfasts and they are baking as I type.

I went to my swim class today and the lady I met at the other pool who was so helpful turned up in my class! It was her first time to this class so I was able to return the favor. Nice.

Today was the first time ever that I ran into a breathing problem in the pool. I think my breathing is just generally getting worse. I have a rescue inhaler which I should use, I guess, before a class. I guess I will from here on out. I'm not sure how much good it does but I'm pretty darned sure it does no good if I don't use it.

I decided to skip going out to brunch today in favor of having it here at home. I'm going to yet another movie this afternoon and I wanted some home time to make muffins and stuff. My ballot came and I also want to vote which will take some research time. And I'm reading two good books and they need time. TiVo is crammed and there are bears to knit.

I'd better get crackin'


Oct. 19th, 2012 10:40 am
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My favorite swim teacher is teaching today at 1:30. But it's at a pool that is all but impossible to get home from on any afternoon - especially a Friday afternoon so I think I'll pass. I think I'm actually going to pass on any pool today. I have a knee that needs a rest and I'm hoping that by skipping a day, the tops of my thighs will be happier as well.

Plus there are several movies I want to see. I think today - cause there's an easy bus to and from the theater and nice, cheap places to grab lunch before hand - I think I'm going to see a documentary called Somewhere Between.

It should be a good anecdote for last night's movie Cloud Atlas. If you want to feel like you've paid too much for mediocre recreational drugs, go see Cloud Atlas. It has it's moments but it's really long and confusing and too weird. [ profile] machupicchu had two free passes to a preview so I totally got my money's worth and I don't have to worry about whether or not I want to see it any more.

My Tree That I Hate is losing its leaves thankyoujeasus! I have a better and better view of the action. Amira told me yesterday that the yuppie couple she works for downstairs complain loudly and a lot about the noise and the dust and the inconvenience. They moved in last year as the construction was just underway, wonder how they missed that this was not a tranquil country estate???

Personally, waking up to the construction sounds reminds me what a wonderful cushy life I have laying abed with clean hands and no hard hat required. Plus how much fun it will be when the building is finished.

I do need to stop at a grocery store on the way home from the movie and get Ann and Ron some OJ and milk for their breakfast tomorrow morning. They get home late tonight and they left me the rest of their OJ and milk which I enjoyed thoroughly so it's only fair that I replace it plus I know they will really appreciate it.

My 401K rolleover bucks made it to my investment guy just as all the tech stocks tanked - or as I like to say - started their firesale. I picked Google and Amazon but he talked me out of Amazon for right now so Google it is. I made a bundle the first time I bought Google due to the keen insight into when to sell that my other investment guy had. I'm hoping to repeat. He can't make the purchase until Monday so I'm hoping the price stays down just a teeny weeny bit longer.

Ok, time to get to work. I have some sewing to do before it's time to head for the bus.


Oct. 18th, 2012 10:47 am
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Amira showed up - with a tuna sandwich for my lunch (she makes GREAT tuna sandwiches) - and took the once a month deal in stride. I know she's disappointed but she did not give me a hard time. She's nearly done cleaning and I am so grateful. She does such a wonderful job and I'm delighted that my house will get her shimmering goodness at least some!

I got wind today that a company I really would like to work for may be hiring in positions that I am totally qualified to do!! Cover letter and resume sent in. Getting that job would be very cool.

My spreadsheet for the unemployment audit is all totally done and printed out. I'm ready.


Oct. 18th, 2012 09:24 am
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Today Amira, who cleans my house is scheduled to come. I'm going to semi fire her. If she comes. I'm going to totally fire her if she doesn't. She used to be very spotty about showing up. I told her one more time and she was out. She's been excellent since then. Last time she was sick but that's the first time she's missed in a long time. I've never been able to pin her down to an exact arrival time. Once she got here at 8:30. Mostly it's closer to 10.

But she's good an she's fun and she's fast. She's been coming every two weeks. I need to cut that back to once a month. Truthfully, I probably should cut it back to nothing and use the money for something else and get off my ass and do the job myself. But, I don't want to do that to her or to me.

So when she comes today I'll tell her about the once a month and hope she's ok with that.


[ profile] dietcokewithice gave me some great info and tips about getting ready for the unemployment meeting next week. So that's the job this morning. Sprucing up my spreadsheet.


My Kindle Paperwhite arrive yesterday and it is very nice. I gave away my elcheapo Kindle and discovered that I really missed it. The Kindle app on phone, tablet, etc is a great stop gap, fill in, in emergency solution but the Kindle itself is the ticket. And this one is nice. Great size, great user interface and great light. Plus between a $50 credit and my Discover cash back that I can use on Amazon, it was a steal. (However, paying for another year of Amazon Prime is going to pretty much wipe out the savings... oh well, I love the Amazon lending library you get with Prime!)


There's swimming today and maybe the last American League payoff game this afternoon and a movie tonight.
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"You have been randomly selected for an in-person Job Search Review on: 10/24/2012 at 10 am"

Thank goodness I have been keeping up my applications and the logging of same. Whew. This afternoon, after getting the letter, I prettied up my spreadsheet and got it printer ready.

I'm good. Worst case scenario, I am deemed a Violator and have to pay back what I've gotten so far (about $5K). I'd rather not do that. So I'll be glad to get this behind me. BUT, as I was told in the class that started this off, I can get one of these letters at any time and maybe multiple times before the end of my tour. So no slacking off!


Oct. 17th, 2012 10:09 am
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Earlier this week [ profile] osodecanela posted about the tie dye onesies he makes for the babies he delivers. And how he got the idea from an LJ friend talking about birth mementos.

And talk like that always brings me to reconsider the wonder of James.

My parents lived in Brooklyn when I was born 63 years ago. Daddy was a salesman for Hanes Knitware and Mom was a bookkeeper for a small outfit run by a man who was from India and who felt his multisyllabic name was too difficult for Americans so told everyone to call him James.

Mom quit work when I was born and James presented her with a large teddy bear for the new baby... me! Size was a major consideration because their apartment was teeny tiny and now had my parents, me and my grandmother who had flown in from Oklahoma to help. Mother told me more than once she came close to tossing James out to the first kid that passed by on the sidewalk.

But, she didn't. And James has been with me ever since. My dog, Max, chewed off his nose once and I had to do a little cosmetic rhinoplasty. And he lost both eyes over the years but he never lost his spirit.

He sits in my front room against decorator pillows and makes me smile every time I see him. My Mom never worked again. Well, not true, when she was 80, she was an extra in a movie and got paid something like $150 and waved her W-2 form around like she was The Captain of Industry. But growing up, I did not see her go to a job. But, when I looked at James, I knew she did and I could too when I got big.

My parents and grandparents are now all gone so James is the only one left who knew me when I was a baby. He says I was adorable.
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I've had some breathing issues the past couple of days. Last night a short walk up a not even very steep incline turned me into Panting Pauline. This morning, I'm Coughing Cathy. Ugh. I'm going to assume it's a passing thing but it did make me research my rescue inhaler which I've never liked and never felt it was much of a rescue.

Turns out they are discontinuing it next year and the replacement is ready now. Yeah! I have an appointment with my doctor next Monday anyway so I sent him a note with the link to the new one and asked him to consider it.

Really, that incline was not that steep and not that long. I should have been able to get up there like a regular person.


I saw Argo last night with [ profile] machupicchu - it was goooood. I agree with everything he said in his review. I had totally forgotten all those yellow ribbons all over everywhere during those 444 days. I mainly remember them after they lost all their perky hopefulness and got dingy and horribly sad. And how TV news started off every night telling us how many days the hostages had been hostages.


No swim class for me today. I'm going to take my MP3 player to the pool here close by and do my own class.


I am still seeing new details that I've never noticed before I had my cataracts removed. It shocks me every time. It is just so wonderful not to have to mess with glasses and see new stuff every day. I am so so so glad I went ahead and got the second eye done.


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