Jan. 17th, 2012

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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/EY9NJ2kGbYv), I said:

No snow this morning... normally, I would be disappointed but today it means I will be able to get to the pool today. whew
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We are all about the weather here in Seattle this week. The forecast has some snow today but major record breaking snow tomorrow. Living on the left edge of the country has, until this year, rendered most weather forecasting pretty much a guess. But, this year, we got new stuff that enables more a more precise view of what's coming. So far it's been fairly accurate. If that holds, we're looking at a dumping tomorrow. So today is Batten Down The Hatches Day.

I have long loved snow. Growing up in central North Carolina, snow days were precious and few. They meant no school, hot chocolate and that blissful quiet crunch. Plus, you got to wear your pajamas under your clothes which for some reason which totally escapes me today, was a massive delight.

I lived in Minnesota for 18 months (two winters) and loved every single flake. I did not love the summer - at all but the winters were just beautiful and full of wonder.

Seattle has about as much snow as North Carolina did when I was growing up. So I do like to celebrate and appreciate every flake. It's easy for me as I do not have to go anywhere or be anywhere except for right here. And even if I did have to go somewhere, living in downtown means our streets, generally, get clear first. So I can luxuriate without stress.

I'm looking forward to a day of flakes tomorrow. Even while I'm grateful that they appear to be holding off today so I can at least get to the pool today since tomorrow it will likely be not possible. I can also probably kiss my doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning goodbye.

And Sheri - the designer - was going to bring the electrician over tomorrow morning to suss out new lighting in here - that's surely not going to happen. Oh well. I've given up hope that this project is going to happen any time soon anyway.

A day of new falling snow and the prospect of a quiet crunchy walk around the neighborhood is well worth it. Can't wait!
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The big snow is not supposed to be here until about 4 am tomorrow. This is good cause right now, it kind of looks like a day at the beach out there... light fluffy clouds in a blue sky with the sun out. pfffff.

Chef Anita was here and cooked up a storm. My freezer and fridge are full. Work hit a little kerfuffle this afternoon but that's all fixed now. But it is too early to start waiting for the snow.

My swim class was great. We normally have 20 or so on Tuesdays. Today we had 4. It was fun to get some individualized instruction.

My doctor's office called to ask if I wanted to reschedule tomorrow's appointment. They said it was my choice - they could be there tomorrow. I picked reschedule. This is the asthma guy and I wanted a little more time anyway. I don't think I like his inhaler and a little more history with it won't hurt.

I have not heard from Sheri and her electrician. They are supposed to be here at 9. I kind of appreciate that they aren't bailing until they know for sure they can't make it.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/hds4zLCAZCZ), I said:

i think my wireless router got wind of the new router arriving tomorrow and is pissed... the wired connection is fine but i keep losing wireless - have had to reboot twice in the past hour.
i hate it when gadgets get pouty.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/2ibEdT1vpdx), I said:

no snow yet in pioneer square and now it sounds like we aren't going to get nearly as much as they promised. same old same old all talk and no action weather peops. poop. i'm going to bed. #seattlesnow
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