Mar. 12th, 2012

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We are getting some pretty sincere wind gusts here in Pioneer Square this morning.
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I just got an email from Sheri that she has the stomach flu. She said she moved the electrician to tomorrow and even let Scott, the building manager know. She always seems to hit on something - the weather, changed travel plans and now stomach flu. And usually it just annoys the shit out of me but this time, not. I honestly believe her and ugh. What a bother to be all jacked up for a job and get hit with the crud.

And I'm very grateful that she moved everything instead of just saying 'start without me'.

And tomorrow's ok with me - heck Wednesday is fine. I'm ready and I'd rather get it done but for some reason, this little set back stresses me out not one little bit.

I may, however, have to take a nap. I got up way too early. Between an alarm clock failure and wanting to get all my work done and out of the way, I got up way too early and now it's 8:45 and I could start that nap right now.

I think I'll just get more coffee instead.

So now we rebuild the day. There will be swimming and clock radio purchasing... And making sure all is ready for tomorrow.
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