Mar. 14th, 2012

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Can we just all agree to the telephone tree default that my call will be recorded and the menu options have changed? No need to have it on every single freakin' toll free number. I get it.
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Happiness is looking in the closet to find something to ward off the morning chill and finding and old favorite hoodie that I thought had gone to Goodwill. Hi, old buddy! So nice to be hugged by you this morning!
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I'm not sure why but delaying a project day to day seems a lot more stressful than it would have been on Monday to say - we're moving it to next Monday. That would have pissed me off a little maybe but have been a lot easier to deal with I think.

It's kind of like walking into the water slowly or just jumping in all at once. I'm very much a jumping in person and this walking in slowly is working me over.

So I'm trying to distract myself.

Work helped yesterday. It was a busy and stressful day work wise. But, at the end of the day I was all caught up. I've been at this project now nearly 6 months and finally, last night, I figured out a new scheme for keeping it organized in Outlook. I had the bits of it in order for a while but it was still a struggle until I connected that last dot. Now I truly have 'at a glance' status. Whew. And nice.

And the rest of this week should be rather quiet with little or no actual work to do other than just standing by being ready just in case.

I'm also chasing down a prescription refill. I asked my doctor's office to move one from the pharmacy I hate to the mail order place. They didn't. I'm trying again today. This time via the online thing. The mail order place is not very customer friendly. They have email and web forms but using them for communications is a giant fail whale so I have to call and their telephone tree if from the 80's and is very annoying to deal with. Once everything is set up, it's a breeze but setting up a new prescription is a PIA - especially with the doctor's office not cooperating.

Waking up to static instead of radio isn't helping either. [ profile] howeird solved the radio problem for me. My new radio should arrive today. I say 'should' because it's coming via OnTrac which is always a dicey proposition.

No word from Sheri. Her note yesterday said they would start at 11:30 today which could very well mean that I won't hear that we've postponed again for several hours. If they do come, it also means I'll likely miss swimming today.

I need to find my inner Little Mary Sunshine.
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I finally called Sheri and she was waiting to hear from the electrician so I went to the pool. On the way, I noodled out that they probably were going to hit some bump that would prevent them from coming at all today. And, I remembered that condo rules say they can't work past 5 pm.

So when I got to the pool, I called her to remind her and, in fact, she was on her way to pick up the track lights and meet the electrician here. So I figured I'd bag the pool. I had time so I figured I'd make a quick grocery stop.

When I got to the grocery I realized I'd left my purse at home. But I had a $20 bill stashed in the coin purse I keep in the car so that would work. I only needed a few things.

But, having only $20 really made me aware of prices in a way I haven't been since the last time I was between jobs. I needed Cheerios and bread for starters. Cheerios were easy. Do they have the generic in a bag? Nope but box o' store brand, yep. Sold.

Bread. The normal bread I pick up is in the bakery. I don't love it but it's ok. I knew, however, it was more expensive than regular. So I went to the regular bread section. Whoa! That was pretty expensive, too. I didn't want a huge loaf so finally I settled on a no name brand for $2.29. Then, for a giggle, I went to the bakery to check on the price of the loaf I would normally get. $6.49!! Holy crap. Never again.

I didn't even shop for anything else. $5.18 total.

It is now 1 pm. No sign of Sheri or the electrician. I should have stayed at the pool and done a swim.

I really want to be here if/when he gets started. Electricity is very important to me. And I want to make sure they have what they need so they don't waste any time getting this thing done. But, it looks like I'm the one wasting the time.

Oh well.
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My attitude adjustment was working so well. I was actually feeling it. I was loving the progress and had forgotten all about the delays until we got to the end of the day - 4:30 to be precise. That's when Sheri gave me the news that the handy man who - last I heard - was going to start installing the cabinetry tomorrow. No one had said anything different.

Until 4:30. All of a sudden, Sheri mentions, nearly in passing, that he will not even be STARTING until next Tuesday! Fuck a duck. I'm not at all happy about having everything stacked up all over the house for another week or more, but mainly I'm just so pissed that she really just assumed I'd be fine with whatever she wanted and there was no need to even tell me.

That really does piss me off. She kept apologizing for being sick. Which was pissing me off even more because if she was well enough to reschedule everything, then she was well enough to fucking tell me!!

Ok, I'm done. My subconscience knew this was going to happen. More than a month ago, I told Chef Anita that we would need to cancel next Tuesday's cook day. So at least I only have to move Amira on Thursday.

The electrician and his helper were really really nice and fun and a delight to have in the house. They actually managed to get a good bit done. They are pretty sure they will be able to finish tomorrow.

I never had to give up internet today and tomorrow it will be minimal - whew.

And, at least we've got things started. Finally.
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