Mar. 21st, 2012

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Who the fuck knows? Yesterday's cancel came just after 8 and the other cancels came about 8:30. It's not yet 8 so we're still in that part of the drama where Lucy is holding the football and is promising that she won't let go.

So within the next 45 minutes or so I expect the excuse du jour. If they are coming, it is likely I won't hear anything until 10 or later.

Last night I fell asleep trying to think of the next thing in this house that needed updated/fixed/redesigned. The idea is that once I get the list, making sure that I can happily live without it. This is my last - l a s t - home project. I will soon be 63 years old. I expect I have another 20 years max maybe and I think I can easily make it that far.

There are things I'd like to have done to the main bathroom but I completely talked me out of them last night. The kitchen needs some cosmetic work but fuck it, I'll just leave the lights off in there.

Once I get this project finished, I am done.
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Sheri arrived at 10:15 and the handy man at 10:30 and the furniture is coming in now.

At 10:05 work sent me 8+ hours of bugs to do (after having none yesterday).

At least I'll be occupied.

First snafu - electrician took all the dry wall plugs. No clue how they are going to solve that one. Glad it's not mine to fix.

To work with me!
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The installation of this furniture is no nothingburger. I'm not entirely sure why it has to be so complicated but it is and what.ever. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be but that means more storage room which is cool. It's very pretty and it looks like it was made for the space. I'd hate to have spent all this money and have it look like I bought it at Target.

Sheri has gone but did a lot of good work before she left for the day. It's going to be impossible for them to finish on Friday but she gave it her best shot and she honestly still believes it will happen. Furniture in, drywall patched, textured and painted, electrical finished and inspector inspected.

So it is likely that I will live with crap all over the place until next week. Oh well. At least it's started.

Meanwhile work is heads down crazy to day.

Travis finally had enough of all of it and has spent this afternoon on the bed under the duvet.


The far left section will house the sexy lit up CPU on top and the printer on a cart at the bottom. The middle section is all shelves behind french-type doors. The right hand section is all drawers. It will be magnificent.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry:

My lifetime TiVo just gave me a little bit of a heart attack. I had to reboot it twice to get it back. Bad TiVo. I need you to hang on for a while more, sivuplz. Thx.
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Then end of the day started with a short chat with my brother which was a nice treat. They had been watching the workers on the webcam so I gave him an update.

Besides the upheaval and general stress of having people around all day, I had a crappy little work episode over IM that really, in the end, matters not one whit but at the end of a crappy day, it just sucked.

So it took me a bit to wind down and listen to the quiet and tell myself over and over again that it matters not and just drop it.

And I sat in the living room with enough of the new furniture to really appreciate it. I mean really. It's just going to be wonderful. Easy access to stuff that is hidden away in lovely furniture. I did some mental reorg of stuff. I think I'm going to the Container Store on Saturday and get stuff. Drawer dividers, small bins, etc. Stuff to put stuff in.

But, now I'm off to bed in quite a better mood and with an upgraded attitude and ready to face tomorrow. Jeff, the handy man, says he will be here around 8. And Sheri says that when he says 8, he means 8. We'll see.
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