Mar. 25th, 2012

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I can't turn my brain off getting my house back in order. I tried. Last night I watched junk TV and knitted and, even then, kept thinking of shit, hitting pause and googling up the idea of the minute.

I did solve my night stand problem. My current nightstand is a nearly 10 year old battered IKEA puttogether who's drawers fall open without wedges under the bottom front. The top has some paint bubbles. I need something I can pass cables through for storage of this laptop, my Kindle, my charging phone...

Last night I finally found what I am fairly sure is the perfect idea... A small six hole cubed shelving unit. I can use those canvas cubes to store stuff and pass the cables through one of the open cubes.

This will happen after the house is put together and Sheri moves on to her next project. But, at least I have the solution and know where to get it. (I need to go look this morning but I'm pretty sure I'm right.)

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about things - like exposed cables. I realized I could hide at least one by plugging the web cam in one of the new outlets. So this morning, while the coffee was making, I climbed up on the kitchen counter to reach the plug and fixed that. (Except, I just now remembered to check and see that somehow I managed go rotate the thing. Hmmm. Need to fix that.)

Then, this morning, while snuggled in bed listening to NPR, I started mentally taking stuff out of the piles that are now in the bedroom and putting them into the stuff I bought yesterday.

I think I need to follow my brain. So breakfast this morning will be at Denny's. That will be a fun entry in It's very close and I need to make quick stops at Home Depot and Office Depot both of which are also very close. So I can do it all and get back here and get to putting away.

If I get at least some of it sorted and out of this mess, then maybe my brain can relax until the workers are out of here. Maybe. That's the plan anyway. I'm getting dressed now.
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My NPR station just reminded me that 12 years ago today (also a Sunday), the Kingdome was imploded. As the Kingdome was just outside my terrace, this was a BFD for me. Also I followed the death of the Kingdome and the birth of Quest Field on a website daily for several years and March 2000 was THE month.

That's Qwest Field (baseball) in the background there.

Now we have a different construction going on outside my terrace.

(This is straight ahead off my terrace - the top photo is off to the right a bit.) Many of those buildings in the background here weren't there yet in 2000.

Fun to remember.

Ok, now I'm getting dressed and on the road.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry:

I so appreciate denny's for what it is... Consistently good food served with cheer.
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I sorted out two giant bins o' crap and I got a new screw driver...

Actually two bins plus a bunch of other stuff. I went through it all and filled my new drawers with stuff. I may need more of these - they are plastic shoe box drawers and are just the perfect size for stuff. You can see all the stuff, they stack and the drawers slide in and out perfectly.

My bedroom looks far less like a landfill now. There is still way more to go but at least now I can find shit and when the furniture is finished it will be a breeze just to pick all these up and insert into furniture.

I also sorted out all the usb/charging/phone/whatever cables and folded them and twist tied them so that the ends stick up and shoved them into toilet paper holders. I have a truck load more in the cupboard on the terrace. I'll do the same to those once I get all this inside shit put away.

I feel way less fractured. Whew.

And I got a new power screw driver. Actually, it's a screwdriver and a drill. Low end. But, my screw driver gave up the ghost yesterday and my drill is older than god. So now I'm all shiny and new in the drill and screw department - or I will be when the battery is fully charged.

My spending pants need to come off. I reconciled all the accounts after I finished sorting shit. Except for that one $100 shelf thingie for the bedroom, and possibly a few more plastic shoe box drawers, I'm done. I have the handy man bill to pay yet and the electrician but everything else, I think, is pretty much paid for. And there is money in the budget yet for what is not.

It's time to go back to saving not spending for a while. I've done my bit for the economy.

And now, I think it's time for some bear knitting and some CBS Sunday Morning.
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