Mar. 28th, 2012

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I am 63 years old today. (I did get a card yesterday from an old friend wishing me a happy 68th. I should hang on to it and in 5 years, it will be accurate! He's 68, I think. so just projecting...)

Both Seattle NPR stations are now doing pledge drives so I had my radio set for KQED in San Francisco and the first thing I heard was that the baseball game was in the 11th.

Seattle is playing Oakland in the baseball season opener being played in Japan. A major owner (or two, I think) of the Mariners is Japanese and it is the first regulation game of the MLB season and the first time they have ever opened the season out of the country. And Ichiro is playing. In other words, BFD.

I had TiVo set to record the game but I hopped up and turned on the TV and saw the last inning of the game and so I saw the Mariners win!!! And Ichiro got 4 hits. Flashbulb (now there's word that old people only use!) city. Fun. Happy birthday to me!!
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Click on the link to see the whole entry:

Ok, so maybe worse than the electrician who says he will be here at 10 and comes at noon, is the one who says he will be here at 10, you expect to see him at noon and he shows up at 9.
I had every intention of being showered as soon as I finished replacing the carpet on the terrace. Carpet is changed. Electrician helper is here. People to tell him what to do are not. I am filthy.
Good thing I already had a great day before 9 cause this now is looking like trouble.
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The electricians who we expected to arrive between 11 and noon were here at 9 - at least the helper guy was. Sheri sent an email that the head guy had just called her and she was on her way. There was about 30 minutes for helper guy and I to just look at each other. It was actually ok.

When everyone else got here it quickly became obvious that the plan for the day was rapidly changing. The electrician's idea of what would happen did not mesh that well with Sheri's. To her credit, she did not even come close to letting him off the hook.

So... here we are at 3 pm still up to our ears in work people. Sheri's on her iPad, doing iPaddy things. I'm on the computers and two electricians are doing godknowswhat but not quickly.

A few hours ago (when the electricians went out to get stuff they needed and didn't bring) Sheri allowed as how she did not feel comfortable leaving with the job not finished especially since they were still needing direction from her.

So, here we sit.

I have been able to get work work done and have been able to do it in the living room. I was really getting weary of working in the cramped quarters of the bedroom. I did not get to the pool but that's ok. Tomorrow I will go for sure.

My neighbors Ann and Ron just dropped by and brought me a cute card and a cupcake!

It's now 3:30. I hope they finish before I turn 64!
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The electricians left about 4 and Sheri left at 5 and I am filthy. One monitor didn't make the move well. DOA. And all have to be restrung through the furniture when we get the grommets. But, it's, at least, mostly functional and I have my desktop PC back...

My brother's shop sent me the most beautiful birthday flowers. I'll more thoroughly document with pictures later but here's one.


Now I'm going to wash my hands and rustle up some breakfast for dinner.

Good good birthday.

And memorable!
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Part of this living room redo was to get my shit organized. I have cables and cords and chargers and postit notes and paperclips and earbuds all over the freakin' house. It's ridiculous.

Last weekend after I got back from the Storables store and started putting the low hanging fruit of stuff in order, I started one bin of cables. I've been saving toilet paper rolls for a long time with plans to use them to organize my USB, micro, mini, extension, printer, etc cables. I got two whole piles done. Each one stuffed into the toilet paper holder with both of its ends up so I could easily see. Short ones go two to a roll and long ones are stuff into the rolls by themselves. I have a lot more to go but I've done enough now to buy the concept. It's so cool.

Today when setting the computers up, I discovered that the cable from the speaker to the CPU needed to be longer. I've never heard of a speaker connector extension but I figured Amazon would have one so I went to look. They do. It's even cheap. But, I thought, maybe I'll stop by the toilet roll bin first.

And what do you fucking know???? There sticking up with it's little male/female ends was the perfect cable!!! So now, not only do I not spend $$, and get yet another cable into this house, I now have toilet paper roll space for yet another one. I have a box outside in the terrace cupboard, of more cables and they are going into the toilet roll brigade this week!!

Love it.
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