Mar. 30th, 2012

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Office supplies humor ... accordion file... get it? Hilarious. My first (and last) ex-husband played the accordion - a lot and not that well....
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Today we got notice from Seattle City Light that our electricity will be turned off on Tuesday, April 10 from 9-5. Fuck. What kind of crap is this???? And the letter refers to it as a 'temporary interruption'. Major fucking pain inconvenient is what it is.

Fortunately, it's not a Chef Anita Tuesday. But, since it's Tuesday and so my good swim class plus my weekly conference call, I'm not inclined to leave town for the day. Fuck. And, I suspect, the outage will not be a full 8 hours. Last time they did this, service was back about 3 or 4. But, still, Fuck.

On the bright side... I got up early this morning and knocked out a shit load of work. Then I hopped into the cutest car on the road and made a fast trip to Storables. Storables is in a shopping mall that is always packed to the gills and has about 1/4th of the parking the need to accommodate the crowds. But, Storables is next to the only parking garage and it has spaces if you get there early.

This shopping mall also houses both the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store and they are right across from each other. Today as I rounded the corner to get to the parking garage, I saw a long line waiting to get into the Microsoft Store - this was about 9:20. No clue what the hot item du jour is/was... maybe a phone or an Xbox thing. The line people looked to be maybe early 20s.

But, the parking garage had parking and I popped in, and returned some of the stuff I bought last week and then got what I really needed instead and came out only $14 poorer this time.

Then home where, by this time, all my work from this morning had passed through the quality checker and was ready for me to schedule publish. I did that for all the items and then went to the pool for a great swim. Stopped at the grocery store on the way home.

Picked up the mail and found the letter about no electricity on April 10. Fuck and that brings us up to date.

If work stays quiet this afternoon, I might just finish off all the putting away of stuff. There are still little bits left like the monitor replacement (coming Tuesday), the dining room chairs (coming Tuesday), the grommets, and other little finishing pieces but I think if I can get the rest of the stuff put away, I'll be at the end of what I can do for now.

I'm going to give it a try anyway.
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This is getting funny.

The other day, I noticed a light spot on the carpet outside of the kitchen. It was when workers were in and out and I figured someone had spilled something OR it had been there forever and I couldn't see it because the lighting was so bad.

So I scrubbed and scrubbed... But, every time my scrubbing dried, the spot came back. Then, I thought maybe it's a reflection. So I turned off all the lights and it was still there. I scrubbed again and at night. Finally one morning when the sun was out early and strong, I realized it was a beam of light from the transom window. And, at night, it was a street light shining up and then reflecting and bouncing down.

I have now quit trying to scrub the sun out.

Every time I move the little netbook, the monitor plug falls out. I screw it back in and the next time I move it, it falls out again. Finally, I looked and, doh! there was nothing to screw into! Just the pin plug. I quit screwing.

My shower is not well lit which is fine. But, the shower at the pool has bright bright light. Today I was taking my time and enjoying my shower when I saw a really dirty place on my toe and another on the back of my leg near my knee. I scrubbed hard. No joy.

I bitched out loud and Julie, showering next to me, said, 'are you sure those aren't bruises?' oh. ok. And, turns out bruises won't scrub away any more easily than the sun. And the one on my toe is even bigger tonight after its 'cleaning'.

Assuming shit happens in 3's, I'm done. And now will go back to being my usual brilliant and beautiful self.

In other news, I just heard that my favorite pitchers made it onto the Rockies team... at age 49. Go, old man!
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it is so wonderful to finally be able to find shit! i love my new cabinet.
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So my new TiVo had problems with the cable card right away. I'm not entirely sure where the problem is - the card itself seems pretty indestructible and it worked fine in the old TiVo but what.ev. It works but it does not get any Encore channels or HBO. And it should. My other TiVo with its cable card does.

I called. I got a nice guy who was most pleasant to deal with and pretty efficient. He got lost along the way and started giving me directions as if I had a Comcast box but when I reminded him it was a TiVo, he hopped back on track. He tried some things on his end and had me try some on mine but clearly the card is the problem.

He offered to have me pick up a replacement. Or he said he would send someone out. For Free. In fact, he'd give me three months free service. He noticed I'd just started my HBO subscription and had the special 3 month free, then $10 a month for a year. And he added Showtime to the 3 free months and said it would automatically cancel at the end of the 3 months.

The technician is coming tomorrow sometime between 1 and 3.

Cool. I'm impressed with the whole encounter. Thank you, Comcast.


Mar. 30th, 2012 10:22 pm
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I rewired all the computers and monitors so they work better in the new furniture. It was not a trivial task and I ended up on the floor twisting and turning my old fat body into contorted positions for a few hours.

Most every part of my body is sore tonight. Tomorrow I may be totally incapacitated.

But, I'm glad I got it done. Some will have to be redone when we get the grommets in but for now, it's done. Whew and ouch.

Seriously, my ass even hurts and I don't even remember using it for the wiring...
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