Apr. 8th, 2012

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Breakfast at home... a rare happening
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Most nights - year round - I open the sliding door to the terrace before I go to bed. Generally, September-June, I close it when I get up while the coffee is making.
This morning, it is warm enough in here to leave it open. Also the construction project just outside my terrace is taking Sunday off.
So I have a beautiful, quiet, Sunday morning. Travis is loving being out on the terrace. Even Betty stuck her nose out in case there was something cool going on. There wasn't so she's now napping.
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On the up side, I was able to eat breakfast without my hands cramping. I could still feel the ghost of cramping but it just a feeling, not a hurt.

My lower back, however, feels like an elephant walked on it. Pressure makes it hurt. It's like a bruise that does not show. I am sure it's from the other day when I was crawling around the computer cabling oh and I moved the TV around and lifted it several times yesterday. While I was swimming it felt tight but it also felt loosened when I was done.

I do feel like I could use a massage. I do not normally even like massages. At all. So I have no fall back place to go, especially on an Easter Sunday. I'm not sure I'd go anyway.

And then there's the breathing. On Tuesday, we'll have no electricity in the building - no elevators. I can easily go down the stairs and do often but I have not climbed up the stairs to here since I started having all these breathing issues. So today I decided to try it.

As I suspected, it was not easy. I made it but not without a lot of stopping and panting and stopping and panting. Note to self: pack and use rescue inhaler before you even try it. At least I do know I can do it and that's something.

My current plan is to stay here until they cut us off, then pack up the work laptop and my personal laptop and go to the library near the pool until swim class and then do the conference call in the car and then maybe come back here ... meaning up the stairs. Maybe.

We shall see.
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holy crap! when did jim abbott get so old? he was just a kid last season (or was it the season before...) nice story about him on cbs sunday morning
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I sat down to watch CBS Sunday Morning this morning after breakfast and spied my Squeezebox radio across the room and thought 'wonder if I can flash photos on that little screen instead of the time...'

The answer is yes. There are several different ways. None are easy or straightforward or documented. I would try one and have it fail and give up and go back to watching the show until I got another idea and I'd try that for a while, it would fail and I'd give up and go do laundry and then go back to the show. Then I'd think of another way - seriously, I'll bet I spent 4 hours fucking with that thing.

I finally gave up and went with Plan E - which finally worked. It's fun to see the images. And what the hell else did I need to do today anyway?

Oh and before that, I went to create a document with giant fonts so I could leave a note from my brother and sister in law (who left me a very cute Easter message) - webcam to webcam signage. I couldn't figure out how to get a huge font. I tried a bunch of different things and then finally found the key (Google Docs - Picture/WordArt). But I probably fucked with that for an hour.

All in all, a rather pleasant day!

Either [livejournal.com profile] jwg or [livejournal.com profile] rsc told me a while back that the eyesight quality can be connected to blood pressure. When I went to see the cataract doctor, she said that ones eyesight can be better or worse depending on blood sugar.

For the past few days, my eyesight seemed to be worse than I remembered. I figured it was the cataract. Until today, I can see everything way better than I have been able to in a long time. Kinda freaky. But a really good freaky.
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Just finished watching ep1 of the new Doc Martin. Oh how I have missed those folks!!
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