Apr. 25th, 2012

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Every time LJ goes down, it takes several days for the Flickr autoupdate to work again. At least it's something you can count on.

today's basket
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There might not be swimming today. My financial advisor is coming at 11:30. If nothing is happening work wise, I might try and go after but I might blow it off, too. We shall see.

I spent the morning consolidating webcams - mine and my brother's into one web page behind a URL I can finally remember. It's just really small versions with links to the real deals. http://susandennis.com/us I made it a much more difficult job than it needed to be. Kind of like building a costco to sell 1 cracker. I finally saw the light and pared it down to simple. Whew.

Then I did some organizing on my work computer to get ready to add the new project. My current project generates 4 tons of email - I need to read and pay attention to less than 1% so filters are my friend except they aren't in Outlook. I need to spend some more time there. It's just so tedious and it's not billable.

I ordered another cellphone. I realized last night that I'm just not comfortable with one phone/one line and Google Voice does not work consistently enough to depend on it. So I bought an AT&T flip phone (I don't care, I LOVE and miss flip phones so much.) for $28 (tax, shipping, inclusive) and signed up for their 10 cents a minute plan. No contract. If I call or answer, it's 10 cents a minute. If I don't, I pay nothing.

I've never been impressed with Sprint's website but holy crap on a stick, it beats the shit out of AT&T's. Wow. What a hassle and a half. But, the price is right. And I do like having an alternate carrier. So I'm good.

Back to Outlook while I wait for Mr. Finance.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/en1YsUkiCLJ

Nice Mariner Tiger game. Very nice.
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Betty has always been serious about her food. She's the first to stand her and start staring at me a good hour before her dinner time. She'll push Travis out of the way if he has more food in his bowl than she does and he moves away without any argument at all.

She is all fur. Under all that fur, she really is skin and bones. Always has been.

They nearly always have dry food available to nibble on. Every night at 5, I split a 3 oz can of stuff between them.

Tonight, after she cleaned her bowl (and Travis'), she was on the counter, licking the can clean. So I pulled out another can and divided it between their two bowls. Travis sniffed his and went to take a nap. Betty chowed down.

When I went back in a bit both of those bowls were clean again!

She very nearly ate her weight tonight. Wow. I'm ordered lots more from Amazon. Maybe we can get some meat between those bones and that skin!
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/ajb7UK7dycA

Oh wow. Karenware was just a clue on Jeopardy!!!! I'm so sorry that Karen did not live long enough to see that. How very cool.
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