May. 3rd, 2012

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I've giving up my Thursday aqua exercise class. I've tried that new kid now 3 times and he's just not ready for prime time. The pool opens at 11 so I can go and get an hour in before his class starts. I'll try him again when he's fully baked. If I'm still alive.

But... when I got home, there were two packages waiting.

A guy I met on Google+ is a crocheter and a knitter and a frequent poster. He sent me a note a while back asking what kind of yarn I used for my bears. I told him. Then he told me he had some stash that fit the bill that he was never going to use and did I want it.

In the past, generous people have asked to send me yarn. I've always said no because I'm too picky about the yarn I use but he seemed to get my requirements so I told him I'd be delighted.

Two boxes of the most fun yarn arrived today! It's the right size (worsted) and the right content (acrylic). There are a few bits I can't use - craft yarn that it too rough and a couple that are two small... but most of it is spot on. And so fun. It's all partial skeins. Some very old. It's all got a history and has had a life before it got here. I love that so much. And it's great colors.

This will be some fine fine fine very special bears.

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Click on the link to see the whole entry:

***One man's I'll-Never-Use-This turns into my TREASURE!!!+Dave Bennett this is a wonderfully amazing pile o' bears to be!!! You are so great to send it (and so generous - that was some hefty postage). It's wonderful. I love the partial skeins - just thinking about what the used part was used for. This will make so so so so many bears! What fun.
Thank you so very much.
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