May. 12th, 2012

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Happy #caterday or maybe more accurately catbearday...
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My condo faces east. As it is in an old warehouse building, there is one light source. The east wall is two floor to ceiling windows and a sliding glass door. The rest is walls that don't meet the ceiling - loft style - so that the light from the east wall gets to the rest of the joint.

I do love the light. But, I hate the glaring sun. Especially in the morning the sun sometimes fries in here like a light saber. I just don't like it.

The building they are building outside my terrace, has the center elevator core already built up higher than this building and this morning, when I wandered out to get coffee, I was so thrilled to see that just that center elevator core was blocking the sun.

The light spills in without the glare of the sun. I love it.

On the downside, for the past 20 years, I've looked out my terrace across to the clock tower of the train station. About 5 years ago they even fixed the clock so that it tells the correct time. Based on their current course, that clock tower will disappear from my view forever in the next couple of weeks.

On the upside, soon the building will be filled with people in apartments. That should be fun.


I love the 'send to' option of Google Maps. I used to use Chrome to Phone but it never worked quite right for me. Send to Phone - sends a text message to my phone with the map and address. From there, I just hit navigate and the nice lady tells me how to get there. GPS, mail and text - I vaguely remember life before smart phones. It isn't that pretty a memory.

I just checked my list of breakfast/brunch places to try and found a good one for today and sent it to my phone. After swim, I'll just punch it up and off I go.


I'm kind of getting in the market for a new laptop... maybe. My old netbook is kind of giving up the ghost. So I'll use this Lenovo to replace it and get new to replace this. I'm thinking an ultra book - thin, light, one that doesn't get as hot as this one and has better battery life and no bigger than 14" - 13 prefered. I would consider a Chrome book but I don't see any new models coming down the pike and the two available now don't really fit my bill. I'm on the lookout.


Time now to suit up and hit the road.
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I started taking the Losartan today instead of my two other drugs. The pharmacist told me that the first 3 days might be wonky. No shit, sherlock. I just took my blood pressure to see if my imagination was working overtime. Turns out, no. My top number is usually 130ish. Today it is 90ish. And boy to I feel it.

The good news is that I don't have to do anything today. I'm in for the day. I can spend the day in bed if I want.

I was fine for swimming and it was a great class. And then I had breakfast and that was fine. Then I went to JoAnn's to get bear innards and it was there that I remembered what the pharmacist said. Having direct sunlight in my face on the drive home did not help.

But now, I'm safe inside where there is no glare and no reason to do anything I don't feel like so all is cool.

And, the Mariners are getting ready to start their game.
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