Jun. 5th, 2012

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I do so appreciate everything online. My health insurance, particularly. It's complicated and mysterious and expensive and it makes me crazy. But at least the details are readily available to me all the time which helps. This morning, I was greeted by this:


The good news is that it's June and I'm good until January 31, 2013. I can't believe after a lifetime of medical free living, I'm mashing it into a single year. Well, actually, it could be because I've enjoyed a lifetime of medical free living... (and 40 years of smoking) but still.

(I only had to pay $500 of this $2000. My boss set up an account to reimburse us the other $1,500. And, outside of the deductible, I still have to pay 20% for most all medical stuff.)


Swimsuits for fat girls have giant foam boob holders in them because, in all fairness, most fat girls have giant boobs. Me? I got the giant ass model with small boobs. So the first thing I do when I get a new suit is cut the giant boobs out. But my latest new suit is a really good one and because of the architecture, just cutting out the boobs is not a good long term solution.

I wore it yesterday, boobs in, and it just needs them out. It's like trying to swim with balloons strapped to your chest. I did not have a plan and decided I'd go to the fabric store and see what I could find to fix it.

This morning - about 3 am - I woke up and the solution slapped me in the face. I found an old sports bra - no foam, no wires and I'm going to cut out the foam and replace it with the sports bra. Genius! Then I went back to sleep. This morning I pulled out the needed materials and will get to it tonight.


Then while the sewing stuff is out, I'm going to patch up my hoodie. I have a gray french terry hoodie and a bunch of old t-shirts with great logos on them - stuff that means stuff to me. So I'm going to cut out the logos on the t-shirts and sew them onto the hoodie. I never wear the t-shirts any more and the hoodie needs pizzaz. Bam, marriage made in heaven.


Chef Anita is here. She's making:

Baked Sausage Manicotti with Grape Tomato Salad
Walnut-Sage Crusted Pork Chops and Green Beans with Bacon Vinaigrette
Philadelphia Steak Sandwiches with Creamy Roasted New Potato Salad
Chicken Saltimbocca over Smashed Potatoes
Croque-Madame Turnovers with Mustard Cream Sauce and Lemony Steamed Asparagus



The work that was supposed to be in my queue yesterday afternoon still isn't. So I'm just hangin' and waitin'


Jun. 5th, 2012 04:51 pm
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From my elbows to my fingertips, I do not get bruises like regular people. The slightest bump brigs me a lovely blood blister. At any given time I'll have four or five on each arm. They don't hurt but they look disgusting. Usually they are small - smaller than a dime. But even small they look gross.

Two times today, my left arm met a solid object with force. Fuck. Now my arm looks like it has the plague. They don't hurt - not even to the touch like a bruise. My doctor says it's years of sun before sunscreen coupled with an aspirin a day. It's just so annoying and it means long sleeves for at least the next two weeks or more. It better stay cool out! Fuck.



Aqua class was just great. It was such fun to see everyone and Alvin - the teacher - was even pretty good. Plus on Tuesdays, I usually have to leave early for a conference call but just before I left for class, the call got postponed to tomorrow.

I was very careful to keep my face dry but even so, my eye felt gritty after I left the pool. Maybe there was something to the doctor's 3 week thing. I think maybe I'll skip a couple more days. I am absolutely going on Friday but I will remember goggles.


On the upside, the work bug just came in and I have about 20 sold hours of work. And... Chef Anita stuffed my freezer with wonderful goodies.
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