Jun. 16th, 2012

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I am a good sleeper but last night I did a better job than usual.  I could have slept even more but I wanted some coffee/computer/wake up time before I head out for the pool and aqua class.  

And as a little bonus, I'm really noticing this morning that my eye - the former home of the cataract - feels perfectly fine.  After surgery for two weeks I used prednizone drops.  When I stopped those, I felt it.  Nothing terrible but some itching, some discomfort and at the end of the day, some gritty.  But now, a week later, all of that is gone.

And my finger, also feels better. Wonder if that supplement is really working after all.  Oh wait, I forgot to take it yesterday. Hmmmmm.

Now that the LEDs are in and a proven success, I discovered a dead bulb in one of the track lights.  Fuck.  And those suckers are a bitch to get to and get to the bulbs once you get up there.  I was assured, they would rarely, if ever, need bulb changes.  Rarely = 2.5 months??  So when I get home this afternoon, I'll get the big ladder from downstairs and my neighbor to spot me and hope I can swap it out for a new, working bulb.  If not, I'll have to hire somebody.  Fuck.  If it's not one thing, it's another,

But first swimming and then brunch and then errands.  I think Trader Joes and a drug store will do it nicely.  

Today and next week are the last times with Kelsey, the great aqua instructor.  The two we had before her were good, too, so maybe we'll get even better in July. 

I think I have time to change the sheets on this bed before I go.
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This is one amazing showerhead!
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Found this place cause I turned wrong... As usual, details to follow.
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I love this picture. I love this train.  Canadians have all the cool stuff.
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Class was great and full.  Kelsey officially announced that next week will be her last one but implied she might be back in the Fall which would be fun.  After class I headed out to have brunch at a place I tried and loved a couple of weeks ago.  But, just before I got there, I passed this diner place I'd never seen before so plans changed instantly.  It was a fun little experience.

Then off to Trader Joes which was fun.  I love Trader Joes and today they were playing music from the 60's so I shopped and rocked to the tunes.  

On the way out, a guy selling Real Change (the homeless newspaper) asked if I wanted a copy.  I have not bought one in a while - I always buy one when I pass a vendor but I haven't passed a vendor in a while.  I never give money to people on the streets with their hands out. I just don't.  But, when I see a Real Change vendor, I give them a $20 for the paper.  Most of the time they just say thank you. I get the feeling they just assume it is the $1 they charge.  I envision - when they get to the end of the day and discover they have a lot more money than they expected - they get a little jolt of joy.  Once in a while I get someone who notices and just melts with gratitude.  Today's guy tried to hand it back to me saying he had no change. I said I wanted no change and he looked astonished but quickly recovered and said "wow. Thank you!  may I give you a gift?'  And he proceeded to dig into his pack and hand me the cutest card - that he had drawn by hand.  I was delighted and touched.  And I love it.

john blow kiss

Then on to Fred Meyer for mostly drug store stuff.  I finally found mini Rolo's.  I love mini Reeces peanut butter cups but mini Rolo's are the bomb.  I love Rolo's and I hate fucking with that foil.  Foiless Rolo's??  genus.  I saw them in an ad about a month ago so I've been on the lookout.  Today was the first I've seen.  I scored two bags.

Getting home was tricky.  There are several events going on in town and traffic is wild.  Plus, the main road that usually connects me from Ballard to my house is closed this weekend.  The alternative is to go down by the waterfront where, it happens, a giant big assed cruise ship was loading.  I was very grateful to get home.

I unloaded everything and then went down to get the big ladder and left a note on Ann's door (their car was gone when I got home) asking her for spotting help when she got back and then I sat down to have some water and rest... so I'm writing this entry.

And this just happened....

Years and years ago - I have no idea how long - I added [livejournal.com profile] angelamermaid to my friends list and started reading her journal. I don't even know how I found her.  We've never met.  She lives in Canada.

When Google+ first started up, I was there and one of the first people I started following was Steve Boyko.  Again, no clue how I found him.  (I gotta start taking notes.)  He takes great pictures.  Today, I shared a very cool picture of his of a train.  As per usual, the entry got copied into my journal and soon I got a comment from Angela that Steve is her brother!!!  
Holy connect the dots, batman.  My brain just snapped.  Hilarious.

Oh I just got another comment that he is actually on LJ!  [livejournal.com profile] sboyko.

What's that funny word that the Brits use?  Gobsmacked. That's me.
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So...  a bulb in my new track light goes out.  I have 12 foot ceilings.  The video of me (overly large and 63) on the ladder being held and assisted by my white haired 70 year old neighbor lady would have been a good one  But, by damn, we got the deed done!
And...  rant...
Track lighting goes on the ceiling, right?  By its very nature, working on stuff on the ceiling isn't easy.  So WHY THE FUCK does anyone make a track light that you have to unscrew two teeny weeny screws to get to this frame thing to get the feakin' light bulb out???!!!  And then screw them back in????  What asshole thought that design was cute????
Next time one of those bulbs goes out I'm tracking that sucker down!
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This turned out to be a fun little surprise.
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A while back I set up  Comedy Central's The Half Hour as a TiVo Season Pass.  I had not gotten around to watching any of it.  Today I opened the folder and one of the shows is Garfunkel and Oates!!  I LOVE Garfunkel and Oates. I'm doing the happy dance.
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I've been using the Chrome browser since forever and was pretty sure I'd found all the tricks.  Turned out I missed a few.  This is a great list.
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