Jun. 23rd, 2012

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No No!!!  Not #caterday  again??!!!!
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No swim class for me to day...  I'm totally blocked in.  I tried for an hour to find a way around the Rock and Roll race street closures and totally failed.  Came home in defeat.  Fuck.
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I just had to delete more apps from my phone because it's out of space.  I have more than 6 months left on this contract.  I am seriously considering paying full price for the new EVO.  Seriously.  This version is just driving me nuts.
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At newly taken over theater (by sundance) with +Matthew McQuilkin to see seeking a friend for the end of the world.

Plan B

Jun. 23rd, 2012 08:49 pm
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Today was a mashup of good, bad, extravagance and victory.

I got up early to leave for the pool early because we had the Rock and Roll Marathon.  I had checked the map yesterday and saw that the route did not interfere with my ramp onto I-5.  A teeny tiny little detail I missed was that there is no fucking way to GET to the ramp.  The new route for the race, creates a lock seal around a huge area.  If you are in, you ain't gettin' out.  If you are out, you ain't gettin' in.  My pool was out and I was in.  I drove around for an hour to find this out.

I was not happy one single bit.

So back home and shower and while fiddling with my phone, got the 'no more room' message for the last freakin' time.  I looked up buying a new phone via Amazon.  My contract isn't up for 6 months so every option was a bitch.  But I knew this phone and I were not going to live together for 6 months.  

Then I walked to the bus (which tunnels under the race thankgod) and met [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu for breakfast.  Our plan had been that I pick him up after swim class but, happily, he's easy.  I even missed my bus stop I was so distracted   We finally made it and the day started to turn around... breakfast was so delicious.  

Then we went to the Sprint store where they don't sell a lot of off contracts phone and I was decidedly twitchy about my decision but I did it.

Then onto the movie - Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. It was not a waste of time or money and it was certainly full of stuff to think about.  My money would have had the movie end 15 minutes before it did.  But it didn't.  I'm still considering whether or not I liked it.

We took the bus back to town and split ways.  I had decided that while I didn't want to take the time to have the Sprint guys set up my phone, now I had the time, so I went back to the Sprint store and had them do it.  They were really just as nice as they could be.  Of course, they were Matag repairman.  While I was there - a total of an hour between the two visits - the only other customer was a woman on vacation who forgot her charger.  

Home with the phone which I freakin' LOVE.  Tons and tons and tons of room.  The thing is lightening fast.  The camera is beautiful.  But the most impressive thing was how easy it is these days to change phones and move all your shit over.  They store guy had gotten the sync going before I left so by the time I got home, all my contacts and calendar and stuff was all on the phone but then putting all my apps on just couldn't have been easier and on this phone, not much faster either.

It's a shit pile of money considering but... I can get 1/3rd of it selling my used phones and my bill will go down $10 a month cause I gave up my grandfathered hot spot for a cheaper one.  Happy birthday, merry christmas, happy valentines day to me.

It really is a sexy phone.
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of all the coolest things of my cool new  phone (evo lte), the coolest is having  a sync'd up chrome browser on my phone.
i really do love all things google.
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For most of the day I totally forgot it ever hurt.  Tonight it is just the trendiest bit tender.  I took one more (last?) anti inflammatory just now. Tomorrow I'm expecting perfection.

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