Jul. 6th, 2012

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I called the number on my receipt (and on their website) to make sure my +GhostArmor GA order came in.  No one ever answered so I left a message.  No one ever returned my call.  If I get in the car and drive all the way up there and can't get the job finished, I'm not going to be a happy camper.  How dumb to advertise a phone number that is only a non-functional voice mail.


Jul. 6th, 2012 09:27 am
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When I was little, my entire extended family lived in a 4 block area in the NW section of Oklahoma City.  We never lived in Oklahoma but visited often.  My maternal and paternal grandparents and my parents' only sibling - all packed in there together.

My brother is on this road trip and keeps posting his progress.  So fun to follow.  Last night I realized they were going smack through Oklahoma City.  


When I emptied out my storage facility, a couple of weeks ago, I found my grandfather's old smith corona typewriter.  I didn't keep the typewriter (it was a total mold fest) but I did keep the luggage ID tag so I looked up his address in Google maps. The house looks just exactly like it did the l saw it 40 years ago.  It has a for sale sign on it but the photo was taken in 2007 and apparently it is no longer on the market.  It would have been fun to see inside pictures.

They are way passed OKC now and have Des Moines in sight - well they will in 90 miles anyway.  I hope they are having a great trip.  Quality bonding time can happen so nicely and easily on a road trip.  Oh and the favorite dog didn't get to go.  I'll bet he's four legs and a tail of disappointment.

It's getting hot here.  Not hot like the rest of the country but, for us, hot and for me, horrible.  So far, without my little AC, inside here has been hovering over 80 which is way past my comfort zone.  So my carbon footprint is huge as I keep the little miracle of cold going.  It's getting some age on it but it still keeps me cool enough to sleep at night and comfortable during the day.  Thank you, AC.

I have a couple of errands to do today and maybe some swimming but otherwise, I'll be happily here in the cool of my house!

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I could not get ahold of anyone at Ghost Armor.  The cute guy told me that I should come in Thursday but any day after Thursday would be fine.  So I got in the car.  Traffic sucked donkey balls.  It was hot  The sun was in my face making it hard to see anything. I was beyond cranky.  I finally got there and, of course, the cover had not come in yet.  Oh and he did not get the voicemail I sent 'because someone stole our phone'.  LAME to the max.

I was not gracious. He's supposed to call me when it comes in.  I wonder if I will ever hear from him.  It's paid for so he's got no real reason to want to ever see me again.

I realized storming out of there that since I didn't have to wait around for the install, I could go to the pool that's near there and take their 11:15 class.  So I did.  And that helped my mood considerably.

Although I still have some crumbles of crabby left.

I think it might have started at 3:30 this morning.  When I got up to pee, heard this weird chirping noise.  I finally tracked it down to the dishwasher which was malfunctioning.  I got it turned off and then tried to get back to sleep while I figured out how I was going to get it fixed.
It seems to have recovered today.  But maybe I'm just tired.

Ghost Armor boy just called.  I apologized for my tude, he said the order had been delayed because of the holiday.  Those damn holidays that have only been around 200+ years just sneak up on everyone.  He says the order is in now.  I told him I'd be there Sunday.  I'm still too pissed to go sooner.

And I will say that the front piece that he put on last week is perfect in every way.  I could never duplicate the job he did.  

Now I'm home and had a delicious Chef Anita lunch and, hopefully, there won't be any more victims of my crabby.

I think I'll go do productive things like empty the dishwasher.
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My dishwasher quit again and went back to beeping at me.  I think it's time for a professional.  

I found the name of the place that fixed my dryer - they were great and called them.  One of the reasons they are great is that they know and use computers for the highest degree of efficiency.  I actually didn't have to call them - I could have booked online - I think that's what I did for the dryer.  But they close for the weekend at 5 and it was 4:30 and I didn't want to take a chance on missing the window.

As it is, they can't get here until Thursday.  But the nice lady quickly found my records with just my name and address and was every efficient herself.  I told her I wanted a miracle cure like they did on the dryer.  She laughed but I was serious.

The really good news is that my dishwasher is really a set of 2 independently operating drawers.  Initially I thought I'd use both drawers - alternatively.  But, really I only use the top one.  Except now.  Whew.  There can't be much that is more luxurious than having a backup dishwasher.

I slept for an hour this afternoon.  I rarely ever nap.  I really don't enjoy it.  I feel so groggy when I wake up.  So now I feel groggy and still a little crabby.  I need to find a new attitude!
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I just had to clean out a rarely used dishwasher drawer.  EWWW and UGGGHH.  Note to self do not let that drawer go unused for longer than a week ever again.  Seriously ewwwwwww and yuck.
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ugh.  my favorite Mariner announcer has tonight (and probably for the weekend) been replaced by my least favorite.  way to make it even harder to watch a Mariner game.... grrrrrrr
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