Jul. 28th, 2012


Jul. 28th, 2012 12:53 pm
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Swim class was good. Not too populated but good. After class I wandered. I had a vague idea of things I wanted to accomplish but no set plan. I ended up getting it all done and finding a random breakfast spot that was pretty delicious.

Home now. I think today is a sewing day. The Mariner game is this afternoon and not on TV so I think I'll fire up my MLB app so I can hear the radio broadcast and drag out the sewing machine. I want to finish that jacket project and I want a pouch for my Nexus7.

I may get a smart cover case for it in the future but none are really grabbing me in a way that my now 'fixed income' wants to try. Plus a very minimal pouch will be perfect for how I am using it now - either home where nothing is needed or plopped in my purse.

Today at breakfast, I fired up the wifi signal on my phone and used the Nexus7 online. Worked perfectly and quite enjoyably. Google Now rocks. It popped up and told me exactly how long it would take me to get home from there - I didn't even ask!

After the sewing or at sewing break time, I need to fashion a better way to track cat food. My current system just fell off the scale. I think maybe a simple google docs spreadsheet will work best especially since those are so easily accessed from my phone or tablet.

So that's the day's agenda as it stands now. But, it could change. I'm retired. I can do what I want.

I b crafty

Jul. 28th, 2012 05:17 pm
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got my case done for my Nexus7. The pocket is from my stand. It works and I like it. The screen side of the inside is lined with t-shirt.

I made headway on my jacket but didn't finish it. Tomorrow.

Neighbor Ann came down to catch up. She says 'anything new?' ehehehehhe

She's now up to her ears in plans of things we can do together. I think we will do a Tacoma Raniers game. I love minor league baseball and I haven't been to a game in years. And there's still time this season.

There's a torch light parade in Seattle tonight. It used to go through town and end up here in the parking lot outside my terrace. Before The Tree That I Hate. It was great. I could see it before dark a hear it after.

But, then they tore down the Kingdome and screwed up the parking lot and the tree grew up and blocked my view and then this year, a new building has eaten up the entrance and most of the parking lot. The parade maps seem to ignore the new building. There ain't no room down here, I hope they figure that out before they get here.

And we have a garbage strike.

Time now for dinner - Betty says.
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