Jul. 30th, 2012

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I have, all my life, woken to an alarm.  Since the mid 70's that alarm has been set to National Public Radio.  Mostly it has been set for 6 am.  Last night I set it for 7.  I woke up nearly every hour on the hour.  I don't know why.  But I stayed in bed with the lights out until about 7:30.  So I can say that on my first day of retirement I slept in.  

I started the unemployment insurance this weekend.  It's all done online and while not a bare bones operation, they clearly wasted no money on design and tackled user guidance not with programming but with text.  But it was totally doable and not IE dependent.  The instructions say that it takes 72 hours for the application to complete but in less than 24 it let me back in to file for week one.  Which it turns out is last week, not next week so I have to wait until next Sunday.  But I was able to scope out the process and it is very efficient.

I also scoped out a few job options.  To comply with unemployment insurance requirements, I need to make job hunting contacts each week.  But, I was also interested in what was out there.  I am not looking in must-have mode but more in maybe mode.  If something interesting drops in my lap, I'm not going to shoo it off.

My resume needs two minor tweaks.  The last time I overhauled it, I did such a good job that it's nearly evergreen.  Plus it doesn't hurt to be older than dirt and have large chunks of really solid experience at name companies.  I am very lucky.

But today I am retired or at least road testing it.  

I told my boss that I would drop off my computer there at 10.  That will leave my Orca card.  I have a Microsoft paid card that gives me a free ride on nearly all public transportation in the area. I love the thing and I hate to see it go, but go it must.  There is a Microsoft office on the other side of downtown and I can turn it in there OR, I can run it over to Redmond which I might just do because I can.  I do want to hand it in and get those last ties cut.

It's a lovely cloudy morning so the sun won't fry my efforts.  It's supposed to be sunny and hot towards the end of the week.  My plans are to draw the shades and stay in and cool.
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I had told my boss that I'd bring the computer in at 10 but it was a crapshoot if he'd be there or not and it didn't really matter, I thought.  But, he was there and it turned out to be best.  We had one of our most comfortable chats ever and it was great.  I told him that I was looking forward to this new change and he said he was very relieved to hear it. He said that he would ensure there is no break or interruption of my health insurance.   He volunteered that down the road, if I needed it, he'd hire me back for a month - even if no work - so that we could reset the COBRA.  A most generous offer, I thought.

When  handed him my Microsoft smart card he took it and said "I'm going to hang on to this for a bit.  Just today I got a request for some work and while it probably will not turn into anything, I'm not going to send this back until I know for sure."  

Way to dangle, dude.  

We parted on a very high note.  I was so glad that he had been there after all.

Then I decided to go ahead to Microsoft which I did.  It was a lovely drive over.  I returned the card and signed the I Gave It Back log sheet and then went to Walmart.

In the mid-90's I had a job at Microsoft that was pretty stressful.  On my route home was a K-Mart and sometimes I would just stop and wander through it and look at stuff.  Kind of like walking through a catalog.  It was a great way to unwind and avoid traffic!

That K-Mart closed years ago and just a few months ago Walmart opened one of the Neighborhood Walmart stores.  I, for old time's sake, and because I had plenty of time - no end of time, actually - I wandered around it and enjoyed myself enormously.

Then, I remembered a deli on Mercer Island (between where I was then and home) that I'd always wanted to try and it was lunchtime so I went...

And had chopped liver and it was fabulous.


Now I am home and the wash I started before I left is in the dryer. All is good. I like retirement so far.
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I think the bear drop will be tomorrow. Usually I take them on the first working day of the month but the new Baby Corner location is right by the swimming pool and I think I'll just take them on the way to class tomorrow.

Production is down a little - only 16 this time but I think they are a particularly stunning group - quality if not quantity!
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