Aug. 6th, 2012

No rhythm

Aug. 6th, 2012 08:43 am
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I have no retirement rhythm.  Yeah, it's only been a week but it's still kind of disconcerting.  I don't think I want a rigid map but I think I need some kind of rudder.  I kind of have this feeling that the best one will one grown organically if I can just give it time to form.

Today I am going to a new - to me - pool.  It's not very close but I've got nuthin' but time.  The class is at 11 which suits me nicely.  This pool is an outdoor pool which should be interesting.  

And that is the only thing on the agenda for today.

I do need to go back to Costco sometime this week.  The Paul Newman coffee pods I bought yesterday are a total fail.  Back they go.  It was worth a try.  They were a lot cheaper than what I had been using but apparently worth what I paid.

It is too hot to walk so that will get back burnered for a bit.

Travis has decided that this entry is over.  
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I went to the Monger pool today which is kind of very easy to get to if you don't miss that one turn that I missed. But, as usual, I was way early so there was plenty of time for course correction.  

It's a small pool - there are actually 2.  One wading and one regular but with a very large shallow end.  The class is supposed to start at 11 but it doesn't according to my new friend, Diane who was oh so kind enough to show me the ropes and give me all the inside skinny.  Note to self, make sure every single new person you meet gets the Diane treatment from you.  Really, it makes such a difference. 

She said to make sure that even on cloudy days, you wear sun screen or wide brimmed hat.  There were a couple of people with bathing caps and wide brimmed hats on and long sleeve shirts over their suits.  Good call, actually, I had not thought out that.

They have the class rain or shine.  It's only canceled for thunder and that's happened twice this season (which kind of surprised me - I didn't think we'd had 2 thunderstorms during the daytime..)

You can't go into the pool until all the kids classes are cleared out and Kristy (who, Diane says, is in charge of he pool) says you can go in.  Kristy gave us the high sign at 11 but it was still a good 10 minutes before class got under way.

Diane said they had different teachers every time and that half the class was only there to socialize which was perfectly acceptable and that on sunny days it was packed.  Today was very cloudy and not too warm which I already was grateful for.  She said that on a sunny day the size of the class doubles from what we had today.

At indoor pools, everyone starts in the locker room and showers and then gets into the pool and then showers gets dressed and goes home.  At the outdoor pool, some folks never even see the locker room.  They go home in their wet suits and shower there.  It's a weird kind of dynamic.

The teacher today never gave her name and Diane didn't know it.  She was pretty darned good, actually.  It was a good class.  Diane says the Tuesday class is shallow end but it always has people in the deep end, too  So I think I'll give it another go tomorrow.

Coming home would have been easy except for a big traffic blockage to which I added yet another wrong turn.  But I made it and all is cool.
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My mother used t.o complain all the time about having retirement brain and retirement brain farts and I just had my first official one.  

I had just pulled chicken out of the freezer and fired up the rice maker to make some cheese rice for dinner when my neighbor, Ann, came by.  

"Whatcha doin?"
"I forgot to thaw anything for dinner tonight so I'm playing catchup."
"Aren't you going to eat junk food with me????"

DOH!  We are scheduled to go to Tacoma tonight to see the Tacoma Raniers play baseball and I had totally 100% forgotten.  And I was really looking forward to it, too.  How did that piece of info leak out???

Of course I will be eating junk food!!!  The chicken went back into the freezer and I'll freeze the cheese rice when it is done.  I am going to the ballgame!!!

We're leaving about 4:30 so we'll get there way way too early but we don't care.  

Fun!  Oh and I just checked my calendar.  It's on there.  I'm just a lame brain.

Thankgod the record breaking temperatures are taking a rest.
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I just saw this:

And so sent this:

Dear Curbed,

Please pick me. I am recently retired from 15 years of web work - writing to production - and I'd love to find a way to dip my toe back in without having to swim the whole way. I've always been fascinated by real estate. My very first webmaster job was building and maintaining a commercial real estate site. I am addicted to any and all real estate shows on HGTV and can never pass up a home tour.

I've lived in the same - wonderful - Pioneer Square condo for 20 years and have no intention of moving anywhere but am constantly trolling Zillow and Refin and, yes, Curbed, to see what I can see and oggle at all that need oggling all over the crazy Seattle market. I love all the different neighborhoods with their different flavors. I've been reading the blog of one local woman who was searching for that special place she could turn into her family home. The other day, I was going through the Central District on the way to somewhere and happened on her house!!! She'd described it so often that I knew it instantly. I felt like I had discovered a new planet!!

I have a Twitter account - - but honestly only really use it these days for emergencies and customer service issues. I joined Google+ on day one and that's where I live now but I have no objections to Twitter and still read my Twitter feed hourly - I have it integrated into my Google+ feed.

My Google+ Profile will lead you to more info about me:

Seriously, please pick me. I'll find all that fabulous Seattle real estate online inside poop and turn it into Curbed gold.

Susan Dennis


So now I'm going to the ballgame!
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I just discovered that Gmail sent every single LJ comment right to spam.  For nearly a week now I have not gotten a single comment which I thought was kind of weird.  Then tonight I looked at the LJ home page and found 24 comments I have never seen before!!!

I gotta lotta catchin' up to do!  Job one tomorrow!

I am very disappointed in Gmail!!  Crap!
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