Aug. 9th, 2012


Aug. 9th, 2012 11:23 am
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I have always been thoughtful, informed and careful about security but I have never bought into the panic that seems to grip most people.

I generally leave my front door unlocked.  I live in a secure building.  I live on the 4th floor.  My unit is one of 108 units.  The odds of some burglar getting in here, finding my unit and stealing my shit are low enough for me to live with.

I never lock my sliding glass doors to the terrace and most of the year I leave them open - especially at night.  I've always contended that if I rapest scales the 4 floors to get to me, I would be more flattered than anything else.

I nearly always lock my car - even though who the fuck would steal a Smart car?????   I actually lock it more as a way to confirm that I have the keys with me instead of leaving them in the ignition.

I have the same password on all computers.  It is a single key press.  No one uses these computers but me.  They are always on anyway.  I did finally lock down my wireless network.

And I have, until this week, been fairly cavalier about my online stuff.  I'm still not as locked up as most of the world would like me to be but... 1. I check my main financial sites daily - sometimes twice a day and 2. I get weekly emails about the non-main financials.  So if something gets hinky with any of them, I'll be on it like white on rice.

But my big hole o' disaster was brought to my attention on Monday when I heard Mat Honon on a podcast talk about how he got had by a clever hacker who wrecked havoc by getting into his Apple account.  The more I thought about his tale, the more I realized that my achilles heel is Google. 

I love Google.  Nearly every day I get more Google.  My Google account touches nearly everything in my life these days short of the toilet.  And, heck, it might be there already and I just don't know it.  If someone decided they wanted to cause me the most grief, they should seriously consider taking down my Google account because, that, alone, would render me DOA.

Plus, Google does not have the easiest customer service operation so recovery would not be even as good as Mat had with Apple which wasn't even that good.  

So...  time to shore up my Google myself.  I did the Two Step Verification which was kind of a pain in the ass and still is cause I'm having to re-verify all the stuff that plays with my Google account.  But, maybe it will prevent mayhem.  

While conjuring various doomsday scenarios, I got back to the single phone again.  I've had one phone now for a while and it just makes me twitchy. It's really stupid.  I have never needed another phone.  This one always works.  But phone whatifs are just the worst for me.  So I think today, I'm going to go get a Tracphone.  It looks like I can pay $80 a year and get more minutes that I will ever use and have the peace of mind of phone backup.  

One of the big old Giant Joys of retirement is the luxury of time to spend on stuff like this.  I can interrupt whatever and just indulge my whims.  It's amazing and I'm really enjoying that.

I just interrupted this entry because I got an email from about their two books for one point sale  I had 3 points so a-shopping I went!  Now I'm back.

Amira and her daughter are here cleaning.  They were late enough today that I seriously thought it might be the end.  Although it's been more than a year since she didn't show and/or tried to play fast and lose with the agreed time so maybe her third strike situation needs to be reset anyway.  They just finished up and the place looks so nice and clean and fresh.  

The sun is out and I knew the outdoor pool class would be way too crowded so today I'm heading out to West Seattle.  Their class is at 1:30 and I can do Tracphone shopping before hand.  But first... lunch.
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Today I bought a Tracphone at Target and this perfectly adorable ohsoveryyoung clerk asked me if I needed a contract with the phone and being oh so clever I said "oh no, thanks.  it's just a burner for my drug business." 

I smiled when I said it but, honestly, the look on his face was one of polite horror. It was hilarious.

When I got the car, it dawned on me how flattering his response was.  But, still, OMG.
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