Aug. 10th, 2012

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The movie, Campaign, looks like something that I'm either going to love or think is stupid.  Today seems to be a great day to give it  a go.  I was thinking I'd race after swimming tomorrow and then realized - doh - you are retired!  You have nothing else going on today - why not?!

The sun is out which isn't good for walking but maybe I'll take the tunnel (bus or train) to town, do the movie and then walk home.  The cheap show is 11:25.  I can do that.

I had a fairly disconcerting experience yesterday.  

My brother and I have long been amused with how clueless I am about networks and how clueless he is about web stuff (domains, etc.).

Yesterday we discovered that the mail sent to his domain name was trying to go to a long dead email address.  He had no idea how to fix it.  And he was so bummed. 

I got his credentials and dug into the options and finally found where the forward was set.  I reset it and bam.  Fixed.  

He was grateful but I was thrilled at the hunt and finding and fixing. I was so thrilled that I started (for the zillionth time) rethinking the job thing.  I've been out of work for two weeks.  I can't tell yet if my desire to have a job is inertia or real.  I don't think two weeks is much of a test.  Part of the problem is time. I love having so much but having so much enables me to constantly debate the situation.

This journal is the victim!

I think movie, maybe belt sushi for lunch, 

Someone... no names will be mentioned... forgot to hit Post this morning.  ARUGH.
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