Aug. 11th, 2012

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It started out this morning in traffic redirection hell. On Saturdays I pick up [ profile] zimzat on my way to swim class. He lives in Capital Hill. Capital Hill is a charming neighborhood. Charming = confusing streets that twist and turn and lead to confusion. Add road fixes. I missed the turn back to the interstate and just lost my shit. [ profile] zimzat was not helpful but still I should be able to weather that kind of crap. I am sorry, [ profile] zimzat. I was not cool.

I got cooler during class. I did not swim on Friday which I thought at the time was fine but this morning, it felt like I hadn't been in the pool in forever. After class there is about 15 minutes when the pool is available for anything and so I stayed and did some laps and some more exercises. It felt very good.

Then I had a lovely breakfast at a new place. And went to Petco to do some research on cat foods. The Petco north of Ballard has the nicest staff in the world. They really do. From there I stopped by JoAnn's to get some bear stuffing and ended up getting yarn and bear stuffing.

Then home. I emptied the dishwasher and then decided to make some dressing (stuffing) to go with the chicken I had thawed for dinner. So I did. And I cleaned up after. Then I sat down to write my review and I had no internet. Well, precious little and by the time I finished poking around, none. I called Comcast and they said I was good. So I started there and, sure enough, lots o' juice.

Yet another dead router! ARUGH. Crap on a stick. I stopped a minute to consider options. It was 3 pm. The Seahawks game was to start at 7. Did I have time to get out, buy a router and get back ... in the heat... when I was tired and frustrated and hot and sweaty already??? Yep. Office Max - holy crap routers have gotten cheap. $40 and I made it home without maiming any football fans.

Then I couldn't get it set up. It was one fuckup after another. All operator error. Hot, tired, frustrated. I finally got the wired part cooking but wireless still sucked donkey balls. I had whined on G+ and my brother, who had already noticed my webcam was down, offered a hand. And he knew what he was getting into. Me, tired and frustrated is not that pretty or fun to deal with. And, yet, he soldiered on and called.

It was not obvious to him but he had the glorious advantage of more experience, a stress free mind and network to google on and he found the problem. And fixed it. Whew and thankgod.

He also told me that our sister's husband died last night. My sister is no longer a part of my life and my brother understands this. He keeps me as up to date on stuff as I need to be. I am sorry her husband died. I understand from my brother that they made the very most out of the two years they had between his diagnosis of brain cancer and his death.

Now things here are back together again. I still have to rehook up the Tivo's and one of the radios. But I think I'm going to knit for a while. The Mariners are tearing the Angels a new one which is kind of nice.
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