Aug. 22nd, 2012

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Wonder if the LJ spammers will pick this entry, too.  They seem to be very busy lately.  I totally get the spam that includes links but the spam comments that are uninteligible and have no links - did those people not read the how to spam manual????  

I called this morning to see about getting my car serviced and it was kind to trippy (ha! a car pun). Smart Cars were, a few years ago, bought by Mercedes.  A few months ago, my Smart Car dealer out in the burbs was morphed into the toney Mercedes dealer downtown. We be movin' on up!  The phone number is toll free so I kind of expected a telephone tree and a long wait but the call was quickly answered by this cute guy (he had a cute voice anyway).  Clearly he was used to talking to very rich, entitled, stuffy people. It took him a bit to catch on to me but he did pretty quickly.  

He was able to look my car up by the VIN number and determine we were all kosher and so we booked the normal 10,000 mile checkup.  Smart cars do not do normal oil changes and stuff.  It just wants gas now and again.  So it's never ever had anyone look at it since it  left the dealership.  $300 which, is more than I want to pay but not terribly unreasonable, I think.  Plus he said they would wash it!

He booked me for Friday morning with John Grover.  It's kind of like booking a hair appointment... you get your time slot and your guy. He assured me I'd 'love John'.  Oh and he booked me a shuttle service but my appointment is at 8 so I think I'm just going to take the opportunity to walk around the area - find some breakfast and get some exercise.   It's really nice, however, to know I can get a ride somewhere and back if I want.  

I only have 4,000 miles on it but he said it was 10,000 OR 1 year.  I allowed as how I was greatly relieved not to have to drive 6,000 miles before Friday.  He was still laughing when I hung up.  


Today is swim class at the Meadowbrook pool (20 minutes north of here) at 11.  The Mariners game is this afternoon.  And, honestly, that's it for planned activities today.  It's lovely and cool again today.  Life is just excellent.
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I got an email late this afternoon from the cataract doctor's office about the pre-op appointment.  She said I could come on on 9/12 or tomorrow!! I picked tomorrow.  As luck would have it, I had an opening in my schedule and figured I'd go ahead and get 'er done!  So I go tomorrow and then I think the next time I go is surgery day - 9/24.  Yeah!

My neighbor, Ann and I swap magazines and today she brought me a Seattle mag that I was perusing over dinner.  I spied an ad for the Bellevue Arts Museum.  I love that place.  Unlike the Seattle Museum, it has really interesting stuff.  It's far more centered on crafts and design than on fine art.  And it's located at the end of a transit mall so there is easy bus from here to there.  When I was working, I never took the time.  But now... it's totally free on the first Friday of every month and I now have it on my calendar for every month.  Right now there is a Shaker exhibit and a quilt exhibit - both of which I really am interested in seeing.  Yeah!!!

Oh and speaking of quilts, I remembered to get my ticket to the fair today.  $7.50 for an old lady to go see baby animals and quilts. I'm all over that even though the parking will be $10!  The fair opens on the 7th but I think I'll hold off until the 10th - that Monday.  Maybe.

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