Aug. 28th, 2012

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As I slog around trying to formulate a plan for the rest of my life I keep trying to define what it is I'm looking for or what it is that will work for me. I'm trying to do this not in terms of 'get a job' or 'be a volunteer' but more in terms of what I want out of the experience.

Years ago I had a friend, Nancy, who was semi-forced into retirement. They transferred her job to Arizona. Her options were go to Arizona or retire (with a lovely retirement package). She had income and health benefits for life. But, nothing else.

She basically sat in front of the TV and was not happy. She said that she didn't want to do anything but she hated not having anything to do.

I have thought about Nancy a lot. I don't want to be Nancy.

So today I am thinking about purpose and satisfaction. I think I'm looking for something that will give me both purpose and satisfaction.

I'm still working out the funds situation. I do not know yet whether or not I have enough to live the kind of life I want to live. I'm pretty close and may actually be fine but I'm not convinced so I'm spending time with my budget and doing a lot of daily accounting to get the clearest picture possible of what I spend on what. Meanwhile, I'm really learning the ins and outs of Google spreadsheets. Initially I was very frustrated with lack of Excel-ness but except for a couple of funky things, I'm getting quite good at it.

And I'm still working on the time filling situation. I have so much of it and I'm not (at least not yet) comfortable just frittering it away. There's a chance I'll get better at that but now it makes me feel a little wasteful.

I am meeting [ profile] machupicchu at the movies tonight. I'll probably eat out beforehand. One of the faraway pools opens at noon and I could go there for some self-guided workout time.

But, that's all I got for today. The closet is done and the bedroom is all put back together.

I think maybe I'll change the sheets on the bed and do a load of laundry.
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They are closing in on finishing the floor that is level with me.

Once they move up to the next floor, I'll officially lose my total view across the parking lot. I'll still have plenty to see but it will be weird. After 20 years of basically the same view, I guess it's time.

When I moved in here, in January of 1992, there was a giant parking lot with the Kingdome over to the right. Dead ahead was the parking lot and then the railroad tracks and a major street and beyond that gravel empty lots and the International District on the other side of the empty lots.

Now there is an elevator and walkway structure over the tracks and lovely office buildings (I do mean lovely - each is different and architecturally interesting) where the gravel used to be.

The landscape is different and now it will change again. The corner of the new building is exactly in line with the midpoint of my terrace. So, if you stand on the left you'll see building. If you stand on the right, you'll still be able to see the train and the International district.

By the times the leaves are off The Tree That I Hate, my view will be the New View. Then over the next year, The New View will be populated by Real People living in the new apartments. All very exciting.

This entry gave me a good project, too. I have four domain names and three websites. I've had them all for years. They cost me a total of $175 annually. Initially, it made sense to spread them out because hosting companies were always tanking and storage was expensive so having more accounts was a way to get more storage more cheaply.

Today things are very different. Hosting situations are very stable and diversity just adds unneeded complexity. And storage is dirt cheap. I'm pretty sure I can consolidate all the stuff onto one host and shave $120 off my annual bill.

It just takes time. What have I got??? Time. We're golden on this project.

And I'm doing laundry and I blew off the swimming today. I think I'll swap out walking as the exercise du jour. Instead of taking the bus to the movie tonight, I'll hoof it.

Now it's off to Goodwill to share my closet fodder.
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