Aug. 31st, 2012

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There is a movie I want to see and it's playing downtown at 11:15 - $6. I could walk there or back or both and get good exercise - it's cool enough. And I really need to force myself to walk more. I could drive 25 mins to the pool for a class - there's a good teacher today. The drive home will be a bitch but I could take back roads and enjoy it.

Either way, I need to leave here i 25 minutes so I have 25 minutes to toss the coin.

Otherwise, nothing else is going on today and the weekend looks pretty quiet as well. The action after Labor Day picks up a bit with Chef Anita coming, the fair to go to, a trip to the art museum in Bellevue, a trip to Canada, my own pool re-opening... and, hopefully, my eye surgery.

I'm still waiting for the contact that the doctor said she would send so I can test out what kind of lens to have her put in.

I think the movie wins. My goal is to walk both ways (Instead of walk/bus). As it's a weekday, I can do some escalator riding up the hills. Yeah, I know it's cheating but it's not as cheating as getting on a bus.
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I am in the crappiest mood. For really no good reason. It is a good day to live alone, I'll tell you that. I hope no one drops by today.

I did walk/escalator to the movies and that was good. Downtown Seattle has hills that make San Francisco's look like moguls. From First Avenue (my street) to Sixth Avenue (the movie theater) is about a 95% incline. But... I walked up First til I hit the first special building and took the escalator to Second. Then walked a block to the next special building and took the escalator to Third. I did this til 5th and from there it flattens out enough even for me.

The escalator buildings are office building that close on weekends and evenings. But during a week day - it's a fun habit-trail. And way easier on the knees and lungs.

The first annoyance of the day came from Sprint. In the past 2 months my Sprint connection - for data - has gone from good to searching.... loading.... waiting.... connection lost. It's driving me nuts. I tried to send a Google+ update from the movie theater and it not only wouldn't send, it sucked the battery out of the phone like it was doing coke up a nose. So so so freaking frustrating.

I finally just turned the stupid phone off.

And really enjoyed the movie. Moonrise Kingdom. It's been showing in Seattle since forever so it was no surprise really that I was THE only person in the theater! I enjoyed it enormously. And got a lot of knitting done.

I was going to stop for belt sushi but PAX is at the convention center and there were gaming geeks everywhere... and a line at the belt sushi place so I walked on home and stopped for a slice of pizza when I got back to my neighborhood.

The walking I did was comparable to the walking I want to be able to to. Not marathon but walk, look, walk, rest, walk, stand, etc. And today, it was good, really good. Often, when I get within about 3 blocks of home, I think I'm going to die. I'm panting and my feet hurt and I think I'll never make it. Today, not at all. I was still bouncy and enjoying myself and glad I didn't take the bus.

Part of it was the weather. The sun was out and glaring but the temperature was cool and nice.

I got home and the contact lens wasn't here. I called the doctor's office, they weren't there and won't be back until Tuesday. Fuck.

I called the insurance company. No COBRA. Fuck. I sent an email to the administrator who said the insurance would be reinstated by today.

I got a letter from the pharmacy mail people saying my phone number didn't work and I should call them with the correct only - hilariously, the letter did not contain their phone number. Not hilariously, I've told them a million times what my correct phone number is and they never retain the information and have no place to enter it on their website. AND they will not be sending me my cholesterol drug cause I have no insurance. Fuck.

So.. maybe it's those three Fucks in a row that darkened my mood??? Which is stupid. There is not thing I can do to fix any of it and so there is no reason to even think about it any more today. Or tomorrow or Monday.

My mother, after Daddy died, hated weekends - particularly holiday weekends. Nothing got done or handled or taken care of until after whatever holiday was over and it annoyed her no end.

So my grump is genetic!!

I have a ballgame tonight and knitting to do and I think I'm going to go read my book for a bit.
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