Sep. 4th, 2012

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Chef Anita came and filled my freezer with goodies. Baked ziti for dinner tonight with caesar salad and garlic bread. YUM.

The pool is open and my peops are back!!! We had an hysterical time in class. We were all so glad to be there and happy to see each other. We had a new teacher and I'm pretty sure she thought we were all nuttier than fruitcakes. She was not a great teacher but she tried hard and did enjoy us having so much fun. And the exercise was great. It was just great to be back home and I will save a ton of gas.

And my insurance is back. Whew and yeah. I knew it would be but seeing it live and in person on the website was such a profound relief. I called my online pharmacy to let them know that the order they rejected can now go through. It looks like my eye doctor is ok with her charges (for once, that place's slow billing is a blessing). And, tomorrow I'll head over to the local pharmacy and get my $58 back from the eyedrop prescription of a couple of weeks ago.

Yeah and whew.

Tomorrow is a movie with [ profile] machupicchu. Thursday, Amira comes to clean. Friday is free day at the Bellevue Art Museum.

The week after is my trip to the fair and my trip to Canada.

The week after that is the cataract surgery.

It's a whirlwind!!

I applied to some more places for work and have a healthy list of even more places for the upcoming weeks. My budget is tracking pretty well. All is under control for right now anyway!
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