Sep. 11th, 2012

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This morning I truly believe that we are one with Summer. Finally. Yeah!!

Tomorrow I'm off to Canada. Back on Thursday.

I have this thing about taking stuff when you travel. I don't know where I got it but I know I've had it for a long time.

For a bunch of years, I traveled routinely for work - with a bunch of guys. At the time, I had to dress up heels, hose, suits, dresses, hair, makeup - the whole magilla - every day. So I had to haul that kind of shit on every trip. Even then, I constantly amazed the guys I traveled with by how compactly I could fold what I needed into the tiniest of carriers.

They would be checking bags and I'd have this nice little carry on with my small briefcase/purse combo. I treated packing like a blood sport and I won every time.

I have not lost the ability or the desire. I have lost a lot of accouterments. I have a small backpack and I'm pretty sure I can pack what I need for a day and a half in it. I really only need a change of shirts and my toothbrush. My electronics take up more room - tablet, phone, chargers. My Advair inhaler seems huge in comparison. I'd be tempted to leave it behind except I like breathing too much.

My arms are both covered with those blood bruises so long sleeves are required. I hope it is cool enough. I don't think I'll be able to wear short sleeves outside of the house much ever again.

But at least I can still swim. Mostly my arms are under water. And today I have a class at noon. I'm quite looking forward to it. The regular instructor should be back.

Otherwise all is good. I have a list of chores to do - none of which have to be done immediately. There's a baseball game tonight.
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Thinking about packing in days of old, I remembered one time when my Ninja packing bit me in the ass...

One of my previous IBM managers asked me to come back to Rochester to give a talk to a group of engineers. I think it was about how to translate engineer-ese into real people speak. I was in California at the time and the plan was to fly in, spend the night, get up, talk, go home.

So my packing skills hit high gear but I still had to dress up. While getting dressed that morning in the hotel room, my shoes felt funny. Upon investigation, I realized that I had packed two left shoes. Medium heeled pumps. UGH. My talk was at 9. No time or place to shop so I crammed my feet into them and hoped none of the engineers would notice.

After my talk, I dropped by the office of my former admin to say hi and ask she walked me to my rental car she remarked "Susan, you do know you have on one blue shoe and one black one, right???"
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