Sep. 15th, 2012

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Someone got to my Discover Card. $200+ at J.Jill. At least she has taste. My mother would approve. She loved J.Jill. I never bought a thing there in my life. She also, it looks like, tried to open a Netflix account - but was rejected. Ha.

So that means I have to get a new card, a new account, and then go into my mortgages, sprint, comcast, amazon, hell, even woot and probably a million more places and change the info. What a PIA. Plus, now I am cardless until Tuesday.

I knew I was going to have to do it all next year when the card expired. So I do it a year early And it's probably good to refresh all that shit but still I'd rather have picked the time myself rather than have some preppy looking bitch pick it for me.

I also realized while in Canada that I need a working Visa card. My bank does MasterCard and my debit card is MasterCard but Canada does not, apparently, like either Discover or MasterCard. I'd been thinking about getting one of the Amazon Visa's anyway - as a backup.

So I did. This also, happily, fixed the other urgent issue of the day... Audible.Com tried to put through their monthly bill apparently minutes after Discover shut down my card. Sigh. But, Amazon gave me instant approval and - since Amazon id Audible's daddy, I was able to just go to that account and see my new Amazon card and click on 'use this card instead'.

BUT, apparently, there is no way to get the full number of the Amazon card until they actually send me the card in the snail mail and who knows when that will be. So I can't use it for anything else.

The next shoe to drop is Comcast but it won't drop til next week so I should have time to get everything sorted.


Swimming was great. I stayed after and worked on some balance exercises. I wanted to track down this Discover thing in the quiet of my living room so I came right home after. This turned out to be good thinking because there is a University game in the stadium and if I had gotten here an hour later, I'd have had a big fight through people and cars.

Now I'm safely ensconced in my house and have plenty of good things to eat, a TiVo full, a fan that is keeping me cool and no one that is after me to do anything.

Life is good - except for credit card annoyances and they, of course, could be way worse...


Sep. 15th, 2012 12:19 pm
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The square knitting needles I ordered arrived today. They are weird. I'm just starting a new bear. I hope they aren't great cause they aren't cheap and I'd hate to have to order more.


I dropped my purse onto the kitchen counter a while ago and Travis is not napping on it. His other favorite spot of late is on top of the shoes I keep lined up at the front door.


The University of Washington band is giving me a nice living room concert. They do good Queen.


I discovered today that the pool that will be closed for all of October is NOT my Saturday pool but another one that also starts with M and also happens to be one I don't like anyway. My pool is not closing at all!! Yeah!! Of course, I'll have to skip a couple of weeks after eye surgery but not any more after that!


I just checked future rates of my new favorite hotel in Vancouver (which also has a pool) and it looks like I can get up there and spend two nights in November or December for under $500 all inclusive (hotel, meals, shopping, Bolt bus). I might just do it.


The sun is out and it's supposed to be hot today but, it's blessedly cool in here. May it please stay that way.
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It was nearly a year ago that I got pneumonia that took me 6 months and about $800 to get rid of. And, in the process, I learned that I have asthma and emphysema/general COPD and have about half the lung capacity that I should have. The lung doctor (one of my least favorite people) assured me that the slightest cold, flu or any other type illness will lay me up even worse and for longer next time. I'm pretty sure he was exaggerating but he's such an asshole, I can't be sure.

So I live in fear. Not of dying, but of coughing for months and then having to live tied to an oxygen tank.

This morning on the way to the pool and on the way home, I was coughing and not in a good way. I felt fine, just coughie. I stayed quiet all day and still felt fine and the cough went away.

Tonight, on the news, I find out that our air sucks now. We have smoke and some kind of atmospheric whatever - in Seattle proper, the air is moderate - not clear but not dangerous. But, I'm guessing it is bad enough for my lungs to be saying no thank you and my being inside all day is why I got 'cured' this afternoon.

I'm enormously relieved. I can stay inside if I have to. That's cheap and painless.
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