Sep. 18th, 2012

susandennis: (Default)
It is hilarious how attached I am to this damn card. My car needs gas but I'll be damned if I'll pay cash and miss out on that cash back bonus so I'm riding on fumes.

BUT, true to her word, that Discover lady sent me my new card overnight and it arrived. Also I called as she instructed and requested they add the card to my current online account (last time I had to set up a whole new one and it was a major PIA). So I called and the nice lady put me on hold. While on hold, I got an email saying it was done. I logged in and there was all my stuff.

Hi stuff!!! I missed you so much. Whew.

The new card has a new number and a new 3 digit code and the same feakin' expiration date which means next Summer I'm going to have to redo everything again. Sigh.
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