Sep. 26th, 2012

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That's what the doctor said when she came in and found me reading stuff on my phone.  She was clearly impressed.  She does good work.  Her assistant had wrestled that horrible patch off so finally I had my eye back.  It's still dilated a little and both the doctor and the assistant said it would take a couple of days for it to focus in correctly.  Also it's kind of red which the doctor said should clear up soon.

I have drops - 2 that have to go in 3 times a day and 1 that has to go in 4 times a day and they have to be spaced 5 minutes apart.  Here's hoping that does not drive me nuts.

Then I walked down into town and stopped at the city grocery to get Dave's Killer Bread and then at Target to get those little fruit gummy bear things and then home.  I'm a little out of breath but I think that's from the hot I got walking in the sun.


Last Spring the clinic where my eye and regular and all other doctors work moved from a really old building to a brand, spanking new one - which is beautiful, with great views and easy walking distance home for me.  The old place had a plain old place to get coffee and a cookie.  The new place had an office converted to a coffee and old bagel place.  Today, when I got there, I discovered that Specialty Bakery had moved in.  That was quite a treat especially since I was an hour early for my appointment and hungry.

On my way from there to the elevators, I passed a room open with a sign that said something along the lines of 'everything you ever wanted to know about medicare and supplementary insurance.'  I popped in and the nice lady told me that she consults on a per client basis with advice on the best way to wander through medicare with the clinic's service and all kinds of other stuff. YEAH!  I told her I'd be back in a year.  She is a great resource.  

I just love this clinic.  


Oh and my doctor kind of implied that I might have to stay out of the pool for only one week!!  I go back and see her again next Wednesday and I'll find out then.


I threw some chicken and soup and rice and other stuff into the crock pot.  There's a good chance it will be total fail so I have a solid Plan B for dinner.  And no other plans except to rest and not do much.
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For a bunch of years, I wrote executive speeches.  I loved the work and I was good at it - well, good enough for what was needed anyway.  It gave me a fascinating look at the head that wears the crown, so to speak.  I had to know the speakers - what they would say and how they would say it.  Then I had to know the content.  Then I had to put it all together and 'sell' it to the speaker.  

The speakers where all guys - executives - men who had worked their way up to a position of power and were using that position now to make something happen and so climb even higher.  (One of them went on to be the chairman and CEO of IBM for many years.)

They are a different breed, these men.  And, while in the giant scheme of things, I was dealing with relatively small potatoes, I honestly think they put their pants on just like the big potatoes do.  Destined and all that.

I thought a lot about those men and how they worked and thought and operated while I was reading this absolutely fascinating portrait of Obama in Vanity Fair.

There is one part in the article where Obama's speech writers had him the speech and he pitches it into the trash.  Actually, what he does is use it to organize his own version which he delivers.

The one guy I worked for the longest used to do that all the time.  I used to tease him that he paid me only to provide him with words that he could cross out and double spaced lines he could write between and he used to say 'of course! and you do a great job every time!'

It was a great fun job and this article is truly a fascinating read.

And... I started reading it in the waiting room this morning and I had to have glasses and a giant font.  This afternoon, I finished it with no glasses and a much small font.  PROGRESS!!!
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