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I'm still waiting for the permissions thing for work so I can get this time critical task done. Fortunately, the woman who wants it done is the same one who has to give me perms so she's not sitting there tapping her toe and wondering when I'm going to get off my ass and do it.

On the other hand, I could have easily gone to the pool with time to spare. Sigh.

I did sneak out to Home Depot and returned some stuff and got some other stuff so at least that is done.

There are three holes in the new desk through which the three monitors' cables go. They all three need grommets which Sheri says are coming tomorrow. The bottom drawer needs a latch which the cabinet maker has and will come fix as soon as I call him but he also wants to get pics of the finish installation which won't be fixed until the grommets are in... vicious cycle...

Now I'm hangin' until my 3:30 conf call or perms, whichever comes first.
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