Apr. 4th, 2012 07:06 pm
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This morning, Sheri sent and I paid the last big living room redo bill. There are still a couple of bills yet to come but none are giant.

Then, this afternoon, I found out my gravy train job is over. Since last September, my job has been a guaranteed 40 hours a week - whether there was work or not. I had to be here and be ready but often there was no work to do. I got paid anyway. It was nice.

Now, I will only get paid for the hours I actually work. The good news is that I will no longer feel tied to the house. I can go swimming when I want to! Except when I have a meeting.

The bad news is that my paycheck is going to shrink considerably, maybe, probably.

I'll still have enough to live on and be cooked for and cleaned after and I plan to really enjoy the really free time.

But I am so so so so glad for the timing. Had this happened a month ago or even a couple of weeks, I would have severely cut back on my living room project. Or at least felt like I should. I am so glad I did not. I'm glad I didn't even know about the change.

Quite lucky this timing. And I'm grateful.
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