May. 31st, 2012 12:03 pm
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This morning started out with tasks in each of my projects which were wrapped up fairly promptly. So I then headed out to deliver bears, buy cat food and get a few groceries.

A few weeks ago, a culinary student was walking home with her boyfriend about 3 blocks from here and was shot in the head and killed. Randomly. It was late at night. Shit happens. Last week in the middle of the afternoon a software engineer was on his way home from picking up his parents at the airport when he was shot and killed. Randomly. On a corner I pass every time I go to the swimming pool. Yesterday, a bunch of people were shot and killed by one guy - one of them was random (downtown) and the rest were at a coffee shop that had fired him. In the middle of the day.

Today, I went to the Baby Corner and knocked on the door as usual. And waited. Then I called and she said she'd meet me at the front door. The intersection is very busy (Madison and Broadway) and as I stood there and waited for her, I honestly did think about what a target I was. Plus I would not be difficult to hit - I'm a broad target. It was truly creepy. I am rarely creeped out so that in itself was truly creepy.

I stood there for another 5 minutes and then went back to the car and called again. She'd forgotten to tell me that the 'front door' where she was meeting me had moved - to a building about a mile away. Doh.

Then it was on to the pet food store. I really want to hate this place. There's no parking. It's expensive. And they are the nicest people on the planet. Last Sunday they gave me 3 cans for free. Today I got 6 different flavors of the one kind Betty and Travis liked and again, they offered me free test cans. I told them I really appreciated it but I thought it was time tat I paid. Then he started ringing me up and put one can aside saying it was dented. I said that I didn't care (it's catfood for cryingoutloud) and he said 'well, thanks! how about I just take 25% off?'

I do not want to be their customer but how can I not???

Then on to the grocery and now home. And nary a bullet mark on me.

Time for lunch.
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