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I was talking with my cute doctor on Tuesday about how amazing the cataract surgery was and he told me he has a friend who does this (cataract surgery) in third world countries.  My cataract was nowhere near severe and my eyesight improved so dramatically.  I cannot imagine what it must be like for someone blinded by cataracts to have a 20 minute procedure and be able to see as clearly as I can.  Freaky.  Amazing.

I got a peek at the first bill.  Well, I can see the insurance claim - $5K for the surgical joint.  There is still the doctor bill and the anesthesiologist tab.   I'm on the tab, I think, for 20% of the total of all of it.  Honestly, that is such a small price to pay for what I got.

In other news, my brother's house closing is in less than 2 weeks!  I know he's so relieved to get out from under.  He says that they will clear enough to pay off the mortgage, pay my small loan back and still have some bucks left over. I'm so delighted for him.  I also love that he calculated how much my loan would have netted me on the open market over the life of the loan using Dow Jones numbers.  He figures I would have lost $212.  Instead, he's paying me 4% over prime so I'll make $119.  Sweet deal for moi.  As he points out, he is a good investment and I totally agree.

Work has been very slow this afternoon so I've just been piddling around.  But I just heard the bug alert go off so now it's time to get busy!
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