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susandennis ([personal profile] susandennis) wrote2012-10-28 08:53 am


I think I am better. My head is still congested but my nose isn't running much at all. I'm coughing this morning but I think it's maybe just the vertical from horizontal clearing out. I had a had time sleeping last night and kind of think it's maybe because I haven't done anything for a bunch of days except sit and sleep.

I think I might get up and have a shower and go take a short walk. Give the lungs a test. There's a dinner a few blocks away that I have never been a fan of but maybe it's time to try again. There's no football game in the 'hood today so it shouldn't be packed.

If I can get out of this mess with no breathing issues I will be so delighted. I've lived in fear of getting any kind of flu or cold because that mean lung doctor told me that a simple cold could ruin my lungs leave me on oxygen 24/7. Now I know he is a scare monger.


Watching Notes:

Somewhere along the way, I got it in my brain that I wanted to see the movie Butter. I don't know how or why and, now having seen it, I really don't know how or why.

I am really enjoying Emily Owens, M.D. I expected to think it was ok but, now after two episodes, it's one of my favorites. It stars Meryl Streeps daughter and she is excellent but also the rest of the show is.

There seem to be more 30 minute sit coms than usual this year and I'm enjoying them a lot. Plus, I love having a 30 minute show in TiVo for those smaller bits of time.

Animal Practice was a show that did not ever have a chance. But I love Nick Swisher's wife who stared in it and that little monkey was adorable. It's to be replaced with Whitney. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who watched/liked Whitney last year so I'm fine with it.

I still watch Project Runway and enjoy it but Project Runway All Stars is just a train wreck. It traps all the worst parts of Project Runway and cuts out all the good parts.

I do like the White Room Challenge. David Bromstad has turned himself to quite the TV pro. We knew him when he was just a lowly contestant.

I miss Major Crimes and am really looking forward to its return in January.


Time to hit the showers...